Sarah Paulson’s annual birthday tribute to Holland Taylor might make you cry: ‘You’ve changed me’

Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor

The only things certain in this life are taxes, death and Sarah Paulson’s adorable annual message to her partner, Legally Blonde actress Holland Taylor.

As Taylor turned 80-years-old on Saturday (14 January), Paulson uploaded a close-up photo of the actress wrapped in pink strips of paper to Instagram, and thanked her for changing her life.

Captioning the photo, Paulson, 48, began: “You are sitting at the counter not 15 feet from me, drinking your chocolate coffee as usual. I am happiest this way – YOU near.”

“I can list all the ways in which you matter, ways you’ve contributed to the lives of those around you, as well as the world at large.”

The American Horror Story star continued: You’ve changed me. In all the important ways. Sharing my life with you has made everything else make sense.

“Thank you for loving me. I will never be the same.”

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The snap has been ‘liked’ nearly 450,000 times in less than two days, while famous faces including Tracee Ellis Ross, Julianne Moore, Megan Rapinoe and Marc Jacobs have jumped into the replies to wish Taylor a happy birthday.

Taylor herself replied to the post, writing: “What a moving LOVE LETTER.”

Paulson and Taylor have proved time and again that true love does exist. Last year, Paulson wrote on Instagram that she was the “luckiest of the lucky” to be with Taylor, and in 2021, she described her as the “perfect person”. Couple goals indeed.

The pair have been together for almost eight years, after Taylor slid into Paulson’s DMs — the epitome of how all great queer romances begin. 

While some have misguidedly judged the pair’s 32-year age gap, Paulson has always been quick to shoot down the naysayers

“If anyone wants to spend any time thinking I’m strange for loving the most spectacular person on the planet, then that’s their problem,” she once said. “I’m doing just fine.”