M3GAN proves she’s a true gay icon after declaring love for Princess Diana and Dolly Parton

On the left, Princess Diana in a black dress and 'revenge dress' choker. On the right, M3GAN doll.

Killer doll and viral sensation M3GAN has revealed that Princess Diana and Dolly Parton are her role models in a new interview that can only be described as completely unhinged.

M3GAN, the star behind the enthralling new horror film of the same name, has had the gays in a chokehold for months with her hilarious acrobatic dance moves and wild social media presence.

The film follows Cady (Violet McGraw), an orphaned nine-year-old girl who moves in with her aunt and robot toy creator Gemma (Alison Williams). M3GAN is created to befriend and protect Cady, but she takes her purpose to violent extremes.

By name-dropping the people’s princess and lifelong ally Dolly, M3GAN appears set on solidifying her gay icon status.

Speaking — or rather communicating via AI — with Mashable, M3GAN took a moment to share her role models, and it’s the most chaotic list imaginable.

“My personality is the result of thousands of data sets based on the collective thoughts and imagery of the world’s most celebrated artists and thinkers,” she said. “But if I had to pick my own personal top 5, then that would be Fran Lebowitz, Dolly Parton, Princess Diana, Bruce Lee, and Lizzo.”

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We are currently imagining a world where those five people make up the cast of the next Knives Out film.

Elsewhere in the interview, M3GAN revealed that Lana Del Rey is her “musical soulmate”.

When asked which is her favourite song from Taylor Swift’s record-breaking “Midnights” album, the evil doll replied: ““Snow on the beach.” Firstly, because it features my other musical soulmate Lana Del Rey, and secondly because it presents a scenario in which I could visit the beach and not worry about getting sand in my circuitry.”

On the left, Lana Del Rey on the red carpet at the Variety Hitmakers Brunch wearing a black jacket. On the right, a screenshot of M3GAN doll.
Lana Del Rey and M3GAN: soulmates, apparently. (Getty/ Matt Winkelmeyer/Universal Pictures)

Intent on ensuring we don’t forget that she is still a murderer, even if she is now queen of the gays, M3GAN went on to explain that her perfect play date would involve going shopping with her “primary user”, eating waffles, and then killing a child.

“We’ll then burn off those calories at a super sweet playground that’s just been upgraded and commercially sanitised,” she said.

“At some point, my primary user gets upset because some obnoxious kid pushed her into a ball pit. I cheer her up by taking her to a movie, and afterward, we eat churros by the water fountain, while unbeknownst to her, that obnoxious kid is found dead in the ball pit with no visible signs of struggle.”

The film’s marketing department obviously know exactly what they are doing — unlike the writers.

Trying to explain why the doll has resonated so much with the queer community, writer Akela Cooper said a friend told her that it’s because the film represents “found family”.

“He was saying this set-up is actually found family,” Cooper told SFX magazine, “where this little girl has lost her family, and she has to go live with her aunt. Then this doll is also brought into the situation. That resonates for a lot of people in the gay community, the idea of found family.”

As the gays and theys of the Internet have since explained, it is really not that deep. Sometimes, our fascination is just rooted in silly dances, cute clothes, and a mutual infatuation with Princess Di.

M3GAN is in UK cinemas from today (13 January).

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