M3GAN gets even more violent in gory unseen clip from unrated version and the gays are ready

A still from the movie M3GAN shows the AI doll dressed in a brown coat looking out of a window.

Everyone’s favourite murderous android/viral sensation M3GAN has already returned in an even gorier clip from the film of the same name’s unrated version.

The snippet, posted to M3GAN’s Twitter account – known to some as the platform for the greatest marketing strategy of the 21st century – shows a standoff with Brandon that was cut from the cinema release.

Although film-goers will have witnessed the Model 3 Generative Android rip Brandon’s ear off (ouch), the clip from the unrated version shows the “eary” offence in all its listening-limiting glory.

“You need to learn some manners, Brandon,” M3GAN says in the clip, ignoring the boy’s please to be let go.

In the film, Brandon (Jack Cassidy) is a boy who is bullying Cady (Violet McGraw) – whom M3GAN is protecting – and who eventually gets run over while running away from the homicidal cyborg.

“Are you listening to me, Brandon?” the doll asks, before she rips his entire ear off. If he was listening before, he certainly wasn’t any more!

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“Don’t make M3 repeat myself,” M3GAN’s Twitter account captioned the clip.

The unrated M3GAN, which is sure to contain even more gore, will be released digitally on 24 February and on Blu-Ray on 21 March.

Fans have reacted to the announcement and clip with a worrying amount of glee.

“Love u megan bff,” one wrote.

Another said: “The blood splatter tripled the rating of this movie. And I’m ready to watch this UNRATED.”

Another teaser for M3GAN unrated sees her power-wash a woman’s face off. Well, at least she won’t have to worry about spots.

In the cinema release, the camera cuts away before both the ear-rip and face-tear actually happen.

The slasher film centres on life-like robot doll M3GAN, who is created by Gemma (Allison Williams), to act as a companion to her young niece Cady after her parents die in a car crash. But as Cady and the doll begin to form a close bond, M3GAN turns out to be slightly more murderous than anticipated.

The doll also became an unexpected gay icon, not least for her interpretive dance in the film and vicious interactions on social media, even spawning an Saturday Night Live spoof.

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