Religious zealots reckon The Sims’ new trans characters are about to bring on the apocalypse

A graphic shows The Sims 4 characters with trans inclusive features, on a computer screen. In the background, the world is on fire.

Hold on tight: the end of days is coming, and it’s all due to The Sims 4 video game developers adding trans-inclusive customisation options, apparently.

Last week (31 January), Electronic Arts (EA) announced that the perpetually popular simulation game would enable characters to have top surgery scars and wear chest binders and shapewear. 

Queer fans of the game were understandably overjoyed at the news, as The Sims continues to trailblaze trans inclusivity in the gaming world. Religious radicals, however, think the minor addition could bring about the apocalypse.

In a statement, the staunchly anti-LGBTQ+ group American Family Association (AFA) said that the trans-inclusive features “promote an anti-biblical worldview of creation and reality”, and urged its supporters to rebuke the game “for the sake of our very souls”.

Ed Vitagliano, the group’s executive vice president, said that gender-affirmation surgery is a “new expression of ancient paganism in its everlasting war against absolute truth and decency”.

Expressing his fears, Vitagliano continued: “We continue to warn parents that our culture is not a place of moral neutrality.

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“The false prophets of sexual anarchy and gender confusion are modern-day manifestations of Ahab and Jezebel –– determined to lead the nation in rebellion against God and His word.

“The Bible says we should choose this day whom we will serve. For the sake of our very souls, we should be resolute in our faithfulness to Jesus Christ.”

AFA also attempted to spread misinformation by suggesting in the statement that there is a “growing outcry from those who regret transitioning”, despite evidence suggesting that detransition rates are incredibly low.

For LGBTQ+ fans of The Sims, the new features simply enable them to play as a character that reflects their own life experience.

Unsurprisingly, AFA also took issue with the 2023 Grammy’s this week, saying that Sam Smith and Kim Petras’ performance brought “debauchery and Satanic worship” to the world. 

AFA claims to be “on the front lines of America’s culture war”, with much of its so-called activism focused on spouting anti-LGBTQ+ hatred. 

In the last few months, the extremist hate group has expended energy on trying to get Shea Couleé fired from Marvel’s Ironheart, and get Pride flags removed from US embassies.

The group is also known for spreading COVID-19 misinformation.

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