Black, gay reporter tackled to ground by police live on camera ‘for talking too loud’

Evan Lambert being arrested by police officers.

A Black, gay reporter was brutally tackled to the ground and arrested in the US during a press conference.

Recordings of NewsNation journalist Evan Lambert being pinned to the ground and cuffed have gone viral across social media after he was arrested during a conference on a train derailment in Ohio.

A train had reportedly crashed in East Palestine, Ohio a week prior, sparking a large fire and fears of a toxic gas leakage.

Lambert was reportedly conducting a live broadcast during a Wednesday (8 February) conference in which governor Mike DeWine was speaking, when officers approached and asked him to be quiet.

He was then confronted again by the police and asked to stop his recording, which Lambert appeared to comply with.

But moments later, four white police officers surrounded Lambert and violently threw him on the ground.

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Members of the crowd could be heard calling for the officers to get off of Lambert, saying he was a professional journalist.

“This is what it’s like to be a Black reporter in 2023,” Lambert said as he was pinned to the ground and cuffed.

Washington bureau chief for NewsNation, Mike Viqueira, released a statement following the arrest, saying that Lambert is “safe and calm” since the altercation.

“As you can see from the videos, he was doing his job – what hundreds of journalists do without incident – reporting to the public on a matter of urgent, critical interest.”

NewsNation reported that Lambert was charged with criminal trespass and disorderly conduct, but was later released following the payment of a $750 bond.

“We are relieved that Evan Lambert is safe and headed home for a much-needed respite,” Viqueria added in an update.

“I just spoke with Evan a short time ago and he was calm, cool, collected, and already talking about his next assignment.”

‘Just trying to do my job’

A spokesperson for governor DeWine condemned the arrest, saying that the Republican could hear the commotion, but it was too far away to see.

Despite claims that he was asked to stop reporting due to his volume, DeWine clarified that he had not requested Lambert be stopped from doing his job.

During a broadcast after his release, Lambert said he didn’t expect to be arrested for simply “trying to do [his] job,” but that it was an example of why his work is so important.

“I have to be kind of careful about what I say, but as you can see, I’m out,” he said. “I think it’s something that people don’t necessarily expect to happen – especially with cameras rolling – but I guess we’re in a world where obviously, as journalists, that’s always the case.

“I’m just trying to do my job as I am continuing to do right now, and that’s what it’s all about – protecting the First Amendment and democracy – trying to help people get information.

“During a broadcast after his release, Lambert said he didn’t expect to be arrested for simply “trying to do my job,” but that it was an example of why his work is so important.”

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