George Santos: Democrats launch official bid to remove disgraced Republican from Congress

Robert Garcia, surrounded by press, during his speech about aims to expel George Santos.

Gay Democrat Robert Garcia is leading the charge to expel George Santos from the US political system, following a string of lies told by the controversial Republican.

The Californian politician announced on Thursday (9 February) that he and several other Democrats were pushing for a resolution that will eject Santos from public office.

The motion comes after weeks of allegations against Santos that he had lied about his history, some of which he’s admitted to.

These range from lying about his education history and past appearances as a drag queen, to falsely claiming his mother had died in the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Centre.

“It’s really important for us to recognise that George Santos is a fraud, a liar,” Garcia said during an address.

“He has lied about the most horrific shooting in LGBTQ+ history – the Pulse nightclub shooting – he’s lied about 9/11, he’s lied about the Holocaust.

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Garcia was joined by Democrats Becca Balint, Eric Sorensen, Dan Goldman, and Ritchie Torres to announce the resolution.

But they aren’t the only representatives who feel Santos’ short time in the House is already up, with Republican senator Mitt Romney calling Santos an “embarrassment” during a leadup to the State of the Union.

Additionally, House minority leader Jakeem Jeffries is reportedly aware of the efforts to expel Santos.

‘I don’t even know who Robert Garcia is’

The resolution will be considered the House Ethics Committee, where it will be tabled for further action if necessary.

If approved, it will reach the floor for a vote by House politicians, where at least two-thirds of the chamber will have to vote in favour for Santos to be removed.

“If this doesn’t leave House Ethics or McCarthy chooses not to move this onto the floor for a vote, then there are other ways – now that this has started – for us to force this onto the floor,” Garcia added.

In response to the resolution, Santos said: “I don’t even know who Robert Garcia is,” while adding that he thinks it’s unfortunate that he “believes in silencing the electorate of the United States.”

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