Ncuti Gatwa’s colourful new Doctor Who costume sends fans into overdrive: ‘No choice but to stan’

Ncuti Gatwa wearing a fashionable suit on the red carpet

Doctor Who filming photos have revealed a new costume for Ncuti Gatwa – and it looks iconic.

The Sex Education star will take control of the TARDIS under returning showrunner Russell T Davies, after a spectacular 60th anniversary special starring David Tennant, Catherine Tate and Yasmin Finney.

Kicking off with a Christmas special, he will be joined by full-time companion Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson). Filming is underway, and in true Gatwa style, the look is on point.

The Doctor’s outfit is one of the most important aspects of forging their identity, and Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor Who costume is bringing major 70s vintage vibes.

Gatwa was spotted wearing a stripy orange top, long brown coat and high-waisted trousers, with bespoke orange lined trainers. And frankly, it is iconic.

Back in December, first look images showed a different orange and brown outfit for the Doctor, but fans have a clear preference.

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“I loved the brown chequered one when I first saw it but I think this looks even better on him, let’s face it he looks good in bloody anything.” one fan noted.

Another added: “The costume’s perfect, the TARDIS is perfect, Ncuti is perfect, it’s all perfect.”

Many have pointed out that his long brown jacket looks similar to one worn by Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) at the end of season four, as well as Christopher Ecclestone’s own Doctor costume.

But mainly fans are just sharing their absolutely joy at the immaculate looks Gatwa is bringing to the role already.

What do we know about the new Doctor Who?

Since Russell T Davies, who spearheaded Doctor Who’s return in 2005, announced his return as showrunner last year, it has been the gift that keeps on giving.

He’s bringing back fan-favourite duo David Tennant and Catherine Tate for a three episode 60th anniversary special. Trans Heartstopper breakout star Yasmin Finney and Neil Patrick Harris will also be joining the cast.

Finney will play Donna Noble’s daughter, Rose, and has confirmed her character is also trans.

“I feel so honoured to be seen by Russell,” Finney told Vogue, “I remember growing up idolising [Doctor Who]… I’m happy to be the representation on a show that means a lot to so many.”

After the special episodes, Ncuti Gatwa will take over as the 15th Doctor. As a result, he is leaving Netflix series Sex Education, in which he plays gay icon Eric, after its upcoming series.

Gatwa is the second Black actor to play the Doctor, following Jo Martin, who guest-starred as the mysterious Fugitive Doctor. He’s the first actor of colour to lead the show full-time.

Gatwa has reflected on the representation he brings to the role.

“[It] is so deep in British culture and the fabric of Britishness, that as a Rwandan immigrant to the country, it just feels really powerful,” he said.

“[Doctor Who] matters for people of colour, for marginalised people who really gravitate towards the show because it’s about friendship and it’s about adventure and its about union and unity.

“And also the Doctor is able to turn into anything or anyone, so the possibilities are endless. So the fact that that mission is going out to lots of people, that the possibilities are endless, is extremely cool.”

Gatwa will make his first appearance during the 60th anniversary special in November before starting his new era on 25 December, 2023.

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