Daycare director left ‘disturbing’ voicemail in ‘tongues’ urging two moms to split up: ‘I’m a prophet’ 

Kelley and Ky Gibbs on Fox5

A daycare centre in Maryland has had to apologise after its director left a bizarre voicemail for the same-sex parents of one of its pupils, urging them to separate because God “wants” them to. 

Rising Generations Early Learning Center in Lanham, Prince George’s County was forced to send a letter home to parents apologising for “any disappointment or frustration”, after a broadcast report by FOX 5 aired about the incident. 

As the broadcaster reported, same-sex couple Kelley and Ky Gibbs received a voicemail at 3:30am from the director of the daycare, which their child attends. 

In the message, Kimesha Munford told the pair she is a “prophet and God often speaks to me through dreams and visions”.

“The word of the Lord says that God wants you and your wife to split up and I am so sorry to have to tell you this… I also speak in tongues, I pray in tongues,” Munford said in the message, which was shared with the news channel. 

Ky Gibbs described the message as “dark and disturbing”, adding it “came out of left field” as the daycare is not religious nor had they had any religious interactions with Munford. 

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Kelley explained: “I personally had interaction with her at least three times a week and never anything… So, completely out of the dark.” 

Following the broadcast report, and a visit in person by journalist Jacquline Matter, the daycare issued a statement to Fox5. 

It read: “At Rising Generations Early Learning Center, we provide quality childcare in a safe, friendly, loving and inclusive environment for hundreds of families in the community regardless of race, class or sexual orientation.

“With the safety and welfare of children in our care at the heart of what we do, any negative statements made about the LGBTQIA+ community do not reflect the thoughts or beliefs of our learning center.

“After launching an internal investigation into the allegations, we reprimanded the alleged employee.

“As such, we have and continue to extend our apologies to any of our affected Rising Generations Early Learning Center families.”

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