Texas lawmaker tricked into reading fake names during anti-trans bill hearing: ‘Anita D**kinme’

Texas House of Representatives

Generations united in a moment of peak Simpsons humour after suggestive fake names were added to the list for public comment during the committee hearing of an anti-trans bill in the Texas House of Representatives.

Announcing the floor’s next speakers on Wednesday (29 March), the chairman began: “Is there a Connie Lingus here?”

Without hesitating, he continued: “What about Anita D**kinme? Or Holden Mid**k?”

Laughter broke out in the midst of the public comment period on HB888 – an anti-trans bill relating to the statute of limitations on a healthcare liability claim involving gender-affirming drugs and procedures for trans youth.

It took three bawdy names, several outbursts from the crowd and a representative turning her chair away in a laughing fit for the chairman to comment.

“Alright, you got your … moment,” he said. “I hope you enjoy it.”

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Reader, they did.

The trolling echoes a similar moment this week, when Twitter latched onto a pro-gun Republican calling for the arming of teachers in US schools. Keith R Swank gracefully became “Keith A**ew**k” in a slew of tweets and memes.

R Swank responded with his own original meme, writing that he doesn’t think of England “at all”.

In a time of relentless anti-trans legislation sweeping US legislatures, crude humour offers a moment of respite. But it also provides fodder for drag names for years to come.

“Got their moment. And because of the wonder of the internet, we all got to share it,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Sometimes. Just sometimes … The kids are alright.”