Lady Gaga sends fans into frenzy after becoming an advisor to Joe Biden: ‘President Gaga!’

Lady Gaga

There are lots of good reasons for Joe Biden to bring Lady Gaga to the White House, but he has found the perfect one: to give her an official government role.

The “Government Hooker” singer, 37, is set to become the co-chairwoman of Biden’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities, meaning that she will have a vital role in advising the president on cultural policy.

She’ll serve in the position alongside gay director Bruce Cohen, known for his work on Oscar-winning films American Beauty and Milk, so we can expect America’s culture to be exceedingly queer in the years to come. 

It’s not Gaga’s first brush with the White House: she sung at Biden’s 2021 inauguration and previously campaigned alongside him against high levels of sexual assault on university campuses.

Her closeness to the White House has many fans even hoping that she will soon announce a run for presidency.

“Gaga getting a public appointment and still using her stage name was a lil bit too iconic,” one fan wrote. “If she ever runs for president, I want her to keep using Lady Gaga. Let’s call it the Gaga administration.”

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Another wrote: “Lady Gaga being in the dance, music, film, entertainment and makeup industries, while also being a philanthropist and an important ally of the queer community, and now she’s getting involved in politics? What a woman.”

A third added: “We need Gaga as the vice-president, then president.”

White House to White Haus of Gaga, you might say.

Others are demanding that Biden use his time with Gaga to convince her to release the much-anticipated, but possibly non-existent, album Artpop Act II.

Gaga was also instrumental in seeing the end to America’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell law, which prevented LGBTQ+ people from serving openly in the military. 

She was vocal about her opposition to the “unjust” law, speaking at a rally in protest, before the legislation was repealed in 2011. 

Gaga also famously helped “look for evidence” following the 6 January insurrection at the Capitol Building in 2021.  

The music legend will head up Biden’s committee with support from fellow stars George Clooney, Shonda Rhimes, Kerry Washington, Jennifer Garner, Troy Kotsur and Jon Batiste.

It’s the first time the committee has been active since 2017, after all previous members resigned in protest, following Donald Trump’s lack of action against the white nationalist rally that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia, earlier that year.

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