Sam Smith enrages bigots on Gloria tour with raunchy Madonna hit – and the Queen of Pop approves


Sam Smith has kicked off their Gloria tour in true Sam Smith fashion, complete with devil attire, corsets and nipple tassels. Of course, the bigots are beside themselves.

Smith’s tour began in Sheffield on Wednesday (12 April), and while much of the setlist is entirely inoffensive, the show’s finale section, entitled ‘ACT III: Sex’, has trolls hot under the collar.

In the section, Smith performs their historic, Grammy Award-winning single “Unholy” while donning a bejewelled corset, thigh-high boots, devil horns and matching trident.

It’s a performance not entirely dissimilar to their rendition of the song at this year’s Grammy and Brit Awards, both of which sparked complaints from miserable right-wingers.

Smith has faced incessant vitriol since deciding to embrace their queerness throughout the promotional rollout of their Gloria album. In a flip-off to the haters, though, they have added iconic 1994 Madonna single “Human Nature” to the setlist.

Dressed in glittering briefs, fishnets and nipple tassels, Smith sings Madge’s infamous lyrics: “Oops, I didn’t know I couldn’t speak my mind. I’m not sorry, it’s human nature.”

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Madonna herself has praised Smith for honouring the song, sharing a clip of their performance on her Instagram, with the caption: “Love you Sam”.

While those who have attended Smith’s first Gloria Tour shows have raved about their performance online, trolls who weren’t in attendance are complaining about it being “satanic” and “grotesque”.

Sam Smith performed a satanic show filled with sexual references, fetish gear, a strip tease and a grotesque imitation of sex acts on stage while children were in the audience… This is immoral,” wrote one person.

So-called influencer Andrew Tate, who is currently being sued due to multiple allegations of sexual assault, said Smith was “worshipping the devil”.

Another referred to Sam Smith performing a song as proof of a “dying society”.

However, fans have jumped to Smith’s defence once again, highlighting a very obvious point: pop stars always have, and always will, act provocatively on stage, and no pop star signs up to be a role model.

In a post on Twitter, comedian Sooz Kempner wrote: “If you’re clutching your pearls over Sam Smith doing nothing more risque than the same stuff that already had squares clutching pearls since forever… Elvis, Madonna, Freddie Mercury, Bowie, Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, Lil Nas X and more already offended you and your ilk.”

“Musicians have been doing raunchy/revealing/risqué stage shows for f*****g EVER, so don’t act like it’s something new and uniquely corrupting,” another said. “The only reason you don’t like Sam Smith doing it is because they’re queer and fat, which is very much a you problem.”

Others are pointing out that Smith has integrated their sexuality into their performances for months, and no one attending the Gloria Tour should expect them to suddenly revert back to wearing a suit and tie.

“What thick f****r would take their pre-pubescent children to a Sam Smith concert, did they buy the tickets not having heard of Sam Smith? It was obviously gonna be this,” wrote one person.

For Sam Smith’s part, though, they remain entirely unbothered. Speaking on their opening night, they said: “Tonight is my chance to give as much energy to you to give you a good time. This show is about love and a show about freedom.

“This is a safe space and you can do whatever you want. I want you to have fun, and nothing can go wrong. I love you all.”

Sam Smith’s Gloria Tour will be on the road until November, with tickets available now.