Christina Aguilera thanks queer fans for teaching her ‘how to give a good blow job’ in GLAAD speech

Christina Aguilera in a blue dress holding a microphone and her GLAAD Award stood against a blue sequinned background.

Christina Aguilera used her GLAAD Media Awards acceptance speech to thank her LGBTQ+ fans for teaching her about life and “how to get dirrty”.

The lifelong LGBTQ+ ally accepted the ‘Advocate for Change’ award at the 34th GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles on Friday night (30 March).

Christina Aguilera was introduced to the stage by Michael Anderson, who survived the deadly shooting at Colorado Springs’ Club Q nightclub in November 2022.

Anderson paid tribute to Daniel Aston, Derrick Rump, Kelly Loving, Ashley Paugh and Raymond Green, the five people who were killed in the attack.

He then introduced Aguilera, thanking her for inspiring “generations to fight for acceptance”.

Club Q survivor Michael Anderson hugs Christina Aguilera at the GLAAD Media Awards.
Michael Anderson, who survived the Colorado Springs Club Q shooting, thanked Christina Aguilera for her allyship. (Getty/Frazer Harrison)

Accepting the award, Aguilera said: “I grew up in this community … So much of who I am and what I do is because of each of you and the shared experience of having to fight for equality and freedom.”

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“Side by side we’ve learned and taught each other everything about life, from business to relationships, to music, family … and of course, how to give a good blowjob,” she continued, to huge laughter from the audience.

“I’m just saying, we know how to get dirrty,” she added, referencing her hit 2002 single of the same name.

Christina Aguilera has advocated for LGBTQ+ people since the beginning of her career, featuring a groundbreaking, unapologetic gay kiss in her lauded music video for 2002 single “Beautiful”.

Since then, she has raised half a billion dollars for HIV research, supported trans charities and spoken out against cruel legislation like Florida’s infamous ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law.

Christina Aguilera in a black sequinned dress with accentuated sleeved on the GLAAD Media Awards red carpet.
Christina Aguilera stunned on the GLAAD Media Awards red carpet. (Getty/Emma McIntyre)

‘The community has endured decades of fighting and we will continue to do so’

“I’ve had years of incredible moments with this family,” Aguilera continued. “The community has endured decades of fighting and we will continue to do so. I’m constantly impressed by your examples of the courage it takes to fight for acceptance, respect and safety that every human being deserves.”

Later in her speech, the singer explained how her own experience with violence and oppression made her commit to tackling anti-LGBTQ+ hatred.

“When you’ve been a victim of violence, abuse or trauma, it is incredibly hard and scary to find your voice and fight back,” she said.

“Having grown up in a home with domestic violence, it was seeing my mum in a powerless position that first ignited the fire in me to speak up for all of the people whose voices don’t get heard.”

Elsewhere at the GLAAD Awards, Bad Bunny was given the Vanguard Award for his staunch LGBTQ+ allyship, while queer singer Fletcher won the ‘Outstanding Music Artist’ accolade.

Mike White’s The White Lotus won ‘Outstanding Limited Series’, while the since-cancelled A League of Their Own won ‘Outstanding New TV series’.

The GLAAD Media Awards celebrates artists and icons in the media world who are furthering LGBTQ+ inclusion.

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