Anti-trans activist Posie Parker accused of spewing homophobia at chaotic Belfast rally

Posie Parker at a Let Women Speak rally.

Anti-trans campaigner Posie Parker has been accused of using her Let Women Speak event in Belfast to indulge in homophobic name-calling and attacking the appearance of the LGBTQ+ community.

The self-described TERF, whose real name is Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, made several remarks about LGBTQ+ people during a stop in Belfast on Sunday (16 April), as part of her ‘Let Women Speak’ campaign tour.

The ‘gender-critical’ rallies, in which Keen-Minshull shares exclusionary rhetoric in the name of women’s rights, have taken place across Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

During her stop in the Northern Ireland capital, Keen-Minshull described her experience rallying in Auckland, New Zealand, in which thousands of LGBTQ+ activists and allies told the anti-trans pundit to ‘go home’.

She explained that, as she and her ‘gender-critical’ group were trying to leave the area, she saw “a man in double denim” protesting amid the crowd.

She then accused the man of not looking gay enough.

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“He doesn’t even look gay,” she said.

“I have no idea why he was there representing the so-called LGBT+ community which, let’s face it, is a bunch of f**king men in dresses.”

During a rally on the parliament steps in Adelaide, Australia, she claimed that there was not a “single normal heterosexual man in the crowd” as an attempt at an insult towards the pro-trans activists.

In September 2022, she criticised states in America that allowed lesbian couples to be listed as parents on a child’s birth certificate, saying: “In those cases, it’s not even about the baby anymore, it’s about affirming parents as something that they’re not.”

Keen-Minshull also admitted during a live stream following her Australian tour that she was funded by US conservative conference CPAC, which has hosted ultra right-wing names including conspiracy theorist Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, conservative commentator Michael Knowles and now indicted former president Donald Trump.

Her Australian tour caused tremendous concern after neo-Nazis attended her rally, marching alongside ‘gender-critical’ supporters in Melbourne.

The groups held a banner that read “destroy paedo freaks” while chanting “white power” and giving the Nazi salute.

In response, premier of Victoria Daniel Andrews condemned the rally and the Nazi groups, saying they “aren’t welcome” in the region.

Keen-Minshull told PinkNews at the time that, despite Nazis being present at her rally, they weren’t actually there for the Let Women Speak event.

She said: “No men dressed in black block who gave Nazi salutes were at the Let Women Speak rally.”

Keen-Minshull went on to describe Nazis as “abhorrent”, saying: “No right-minded person sides with Nazis, they have absolutely nothing to do with Let Women Speak.”

PinkNews has contacted Posie Parker for a statement on her Belfast comments.

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