Broadway legend Patti LuPone gets emotional over ‘upsetting’ anti-LGBTQ+ legislation: ‘I could cry’

Patti LuPone on The View superimposed next to a trans Pride flag

Legendary star of stage and screen Patti LuPone has expressed her fury at ongoing right-wing efforts to marginalise LGBTQ+ people across the US.

During an appearance on US chat show The View on Tuesday (18 April), the 73-year-old told the panellists that she felt the country was heading in a “dangerous” direction when it comes to anti-LGBTQ+ hatred.

Asked to comment on Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis and his crackdown against queer people, LuPone said that she found it “extremely upsetting”.

“These are human beings,” she explained, appearing visibly emotional. “I could cry. They’re not harming anybody.”

DeSantis is vocal in his opposition to LGBTQ+ equality, with the Republican governor last year introducing the notorious “Don’t Say Gay” bill in Florida.

The law prevents discussions of sexual orientation or gender identity in classrooms for children up to the age of 14.

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DeSantis is also legislating against trans youth in the state, with a bill currently progressing that would prevent teachers from using trans students’ preferred name and pronouns.

In addition, bill SB 254 would enable courts and relatives to gain custody of a young trans person if they believe their families are helping them to access gender-affirming healthcare.

“I don’t know why he’s doing this,” LuPone said, before equating the Christian right-wing in the US to Afghanistan’s extremist Islamic ruling group, the Taliban

“I’ve said this before, and I’m going to get in trouble – I don’t know what the difference is between our Christian Right and the Taliban. I have no idea what the difference is,” the Sunset Boulevard star added.

Ron DeSantis in front of a US flag
Ron DeSantis, Florida governor. (Getty)

“What’s happening in this country right now in the name of religion is so dangerous. It’s not the country. It’s not America.

“When we were growing up, it was a democracy. Now it’s in such danger. It’s so upsetting.”

Florida is just one of numerous states across the US that are introducing and passing legislation aimed at curbing rights for LGBTQ+ people.

In the last few weeks alone, Missouri introduced an anti-trans rule that limits gender-affirming healthcare for all ages, while North Dakota set a horrifying record for the highest number of anti-LGBTQ+ bills passed in one one day.

Last month, Tennessee became the first US state to outlaw drag performances in public.

LuPone, who is only an Emmy away from achieving EGOT status, joins a rapidly rising number of celebrities speaking out against anti-LGBTQ+ hatred.

Stars including Kevin Bacon, Lily Tomlin, RuPaul, and Boygenius have all recently used their platforms to oppose the hateful laws.

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