The dolls are fighting! Trump blames DeSantis for Disney going ‘woke’

An edited image shows Ron DeSantis on the left, Donald Trump on the right, with the Disney castle pictured in the middle set against an American flag.

Donald Trump has hit out at Disney for going “woke” – and apparently it’s all Ron DeSantis’ fault.

The disgraced former president unleashed a two-pronged attack on the Florida governor and Disney on his Truth Social platform on Sunday (28 May).

“Disney has become a woke and disgusting shadow of its former self, with people actually hating it,” Trump wrote.

“Must go back to what it once was, or the ‘market’ will do irreparable damage,” he added.

Trump went on to link Disney’s supposed “woke” decline to DeSantis, his main rival for the Republican 2024 presidential nomination.

DeSantis is currently locked in a lengthy battle with the company.

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“This all happened during the governorship of ‘Rob’ DeSanctimonious,” Trump wrote, using his favoured nickname for the Florida governor.

“Instead of complaining now, for publicity reasons only, he should have stopped it long ago. Would have been easy to do – still is!”

Florida governor Ron DeSantis, who is running in the 2024 Republican presidential candidate run, wears a suit and tie as he waves at a crowd off camera while standing in front of the red and white stripes of the USA flag
Ron DeSantis entered into the 2024 Republican presidential candidate run on 24 May by touting his history of attacking LGBTQ+ rights and the so-called ‘woke’ crowd. (Getty)

If Trump’s post is anything to go by, he’s not keeping a close eye on box office developments.

Disney’s live action version of The Little Mermaid is currently the number one film at the global box office, having raked in more than £132 million (around $163 million) since its release on Friday (26 May), despite bigots attacking it as “woke” for casting Halle Bailey, a Black actor, in the lead role.

Disney is suing Ron DeSantis

Disney’s latest hit comes despite ongoing issues in Florida, where the company has found itself in a bitter battle with Ron DeSantis.

The long-running fight began when DeSantis’ widely-reviled Don’t Say Gay bill was passed in Florida, prohibiting teachers from discussing sexuality or gender identity with children up until the third grade.

After facing pressure from staff, Disney took a stand against the bill. DeSantis subsequently went on Fox News, where he claimed the company was “sexualising kids in kindergarten”.

The row has only deepened since, with various twists eventually leading to Disney suing DeSantis for violating its First Amendment rights.

For the most part, DeSantis has faced mockery over his feud with Disney – but Trump is apparently eager to capitalise on the fallout now that both are officially in the running to become the next Republican president of the United States.

DeSantis officially declared his intention to seek the Republican nomination for the presidency in a glitch-filled discussion with Elon Musk on Twitter.