Mae Muller hilariously disarms trolls after roasting her own ‘trash’ Eurovision vocals

Mae Muller hits out at trolls hating on her Eurovision performance.

UK Eurovision star Mae Muller has delivered a self-deprecating but no-nonsense response to the haters following her ill-fated performance at the Eurovision Song Contest last month.

The British singer, whose infectious revenge tune “I Wrote A Song” reached the UK Top 10 despite placing 25th out of 26 entries in Liverpool, has continued to own her disappointing placement in the competition after previously handling the crushing result like the camp icon she is.

As Mae, 25, forges ahead with a nationwide tour and the upcoming release of her debut album Sorry I’m Late this September, she’s taken a parting shot at trolls still hung up on Eurovision.

The star took to Twitter on Thursday (1 June) to reclaim narrative in hilariously forthright fashion, admitting that while her vocals on the night may have been “trash”, the performance was “still c**t in its own way” and her “t*ts looked good”.

A good point, well made, we’d say.

“Ngl [not going to lie] anyone who tries to drag me for my vocals at Eurovision is wasting their time ’cause I already know they were trash,” Mae declared in a characteristically honest tweet.

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“I got nervous and ya girl didn’t give her best performance vocally and that’s okay ’cause it was still c**t in its own way and my tits looked good.”

Replying to a fan, who has since deleted their hate comment, Mae admitted: “Girl i was s***ing my pants.”

Fans quickly flocked to defend the singer, who may not have won the competition but was part of the most-viewed Eurovision final in UK history – and certainly gagged the gays in the process.

“I was there in the arena on the Wednesday, you may think you didn’t do your best but the crowd in that arena absolutely loved it! Don’t ever feel bad for giving us fans awesome memories,” one fan wrote.

“You literally served us c**t,” another agreed. “And we all ate a 5 course meal. We Stan.”

One fan urged Mae to “rewatch the crowd reaction at the end of your performance,” adding: “There’s been NOTHING like that at Eurovision before. Some of us have waited half (or all) our lives to have it back in the UK, you gave us exactly what we needed, points didn’t matter, you delivered joy.”

Hype for next year’s Eurovision Song Contest, which is set to take place in Sweden following bisexual pop icon Loreen’s historic second triumph, is already in full swing.

However, Swedish supergroup ABBA already broken hearts after confirming they will not be reuniting during the competition to mark 40 years since their famous 1974 victory with “Waterloo”.

Fans are already theorising about who could represent the UK in 2024, and while we’re here for a Mae Muller return and redemption arc in 2024, one thing’s for sure: she’s already a Eurovision legend.