Netflix show XO, Kitty breaks the sapphic cancellation curse with season 2 renewal: ‘Happy Pride!’

Gia Kim as Yuri (L) and Anna Cathcart as Kitty (R). Netflix renews for season two

Netflix has ordered a season season of its hit romcom series XO, Kitty, giving LGBTQ+ fans reason to feel optimistic that the sapphic cancellation curse is coming to a close.

Good news for TV lovers: Netflix has broken its bad habit of cancelling of television shows that feature LGBTQ+ characters by renewing the hugely popular To All The Boys I Loved Before spin-off XO, Kitty.

The series’ lead character Kitty (Anna Cathcart) is a certified sapphic icon, and queer fans are absolutely delighted.

XO, Kitty expands the universe introduced by Netflix’s hit movie trilogy To All The Boys I Loved Before which traced the romance between high-schoolers Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo) and Lara Jean (Lana Condor).

In the 10-episode spin-off series which dropped on 18 May, XO, Kitty follows Lara Jean’s younger sister Kitty (already introduced in the films) who moves to a boarding school (KISS) in South Korea to reconnect with her long-distance boyfriend Dae.

When Kitty arrives, she meets Dae’s new girlfriend Yuri (Gia Kim). What begins as a rivalry soon turns into a messy love triangle as Kitty realises her feelings are not as clear cut as she once believed. The series also stars Kitty’s gay roommate Quincey ‘Q’ Shabazian (Anthony Keyvan).

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The renewal, which comes four weeks after the show racked up 72 million hours of viewing worldwide in its first week, is certainly surprising given how many queer shows have recently been axed.

In the past year, countless shows with lead queer female characters including Warrior Nun, Willow, A League of their Own and First Kill have bitten the dust.

Given the streaming platform’s decision to make a second season, fans are sharing their delight.

Cathcart opened up about Kitty’s sexuality journey and how she is still figuring it all out, in an interview with Digital Spy.

She explained: “I think it’s very comforting to see somebody who doesn’t have the answer. It’s not like she’s finding herself, and she finds it. She’s still finding it, and it’s a process.

“She doesn’t have to attach herself to a label right away. When she talks to her father, he’s very accepting. I hope parents can see that, and I hope kids can see that.

“I hope it opens conversations, and opens positive mindsets, because it was very special. So it was really cool to have that portrayed in her journey. People are all at different stages of their journeys. It looks different for everybody, just be kind to yourself, and give yourself time and space.

“I think it’s a good reminder for so many things in life.”

XO, Kitty season one is now streaming on Netflix.