Troye Sivan’s Rush music video is a sweaty, queer party and fans are in love: ‘Song of the summer’

Troye sivan in a red vest and leather chaps in the new Rush music video.

After weeks of bum-slapping teaser trailers and promotional images steeped in bottom culture, the wait for Troye Sivan’s new single “Rush” is finally over.

Excluding the odd single and collaboration, it’s been a long three-year wait for new Troye Sivan music. It’s been an even bigger endurance test for a full-length album; “Bloom”, Sivan’s queer sex-inspired sophomore album, dropped way back in 2018.

Though he’s kept fans tied over with an appearance in HBO’s scandalous new series The Idol, the universal criticism levied at the show undoubtedly dimmed Sivan’s shining performance.

None of that matters now though, because Sivan is back – and he’s better and bolder than before. 

As soon as his new single “Rush” was announced in June, fans knew they were getting a queer anthem for the summertime. The title itself is just the smallest of clues, considering its taken from the popular brand of poppers.

In the weeks that followed the announcement, fans have been gifted with nearly-nude selfies, a single cover that is almost certainly an ode to the joys of bottoming, and a close-up of Sivan’s crotch in chaps.

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Pride month may be over, but Sivan has given something for the gays to celebrate all year round.

The sultry dance single has now landed on streaming services, with fans instantly dubbing it the “gay bop of the summer”, accompanied by the steamiest of steamy music videos.

The opening shot – a partygoer slapping their own backside – sets the tone for the raunchy endeavours that transpire over the next three minutes. By the end of the music video, the bare bum count stands at approximately nine; the bare chest count stands at infinite. 

While it’s clearly a hedonistic tribute to the hazy, drunk days that take place at the height of summer, it’s first and foremost a tribute to queer sexuality in the freest sense. 

There’s a lot of topless gyrating, a splash of shirtless mounting, and plenty of queer kissing. In one scene, Troye and friends host a part in a public toilet, complete with what looks like a glory hole. In another, an accomplice urinates into a bush. You know, if that’s what you’re into.

Add a bit of voguing, glittery body paint, pole dancing, and sweat – so, so much sweat – into the mix, and Sivan is hosting one hell of a summer get-together. Fans, unsurprisingly, are obsessed.

“Absolute banger and effortlessly cool queer video. Immediately one of Troye Sivan’s best,” wrote one fan.

Another added: “This new Troye Sivan video is easily one of my favourites in recent memory… being gay is so fun.”

“I fear ‘Rush’ is the true song of the summer. Troye Sivan sir you have done it again,” shared a third.

Alongside the music video, the 28-year-old Australian star has announced that his much-anticipated third studio album, Something To Give Each Other, will hit shop shelves later this year, on 13 October.

The gorgeous album artwork shows a topless Sivan in a fit of laughter, with his head thrown back into the nude thighs of another man. It’s queer joy, through and through.

“This album is my something to give you – a kiss on a dancefloor, a date turned into a weekend, a crush, a winter, a summer,” Sivan wrote in an Instagram post, sharing the artwork. “Party after party, after party after after party. Heartbreak, freedom. Community, sisterhood, friendship. All that.”

He’s previously revealed that he’s working on the album alongside RuPaul’s Drag Race music producer Leland, Taylor Swift collaborator Oscar Görres, and Britney Spears’ producer Ian Kirkpatrick.

The “hopeful, joyous, sexy” third record will be inspired by nights out, queer sex, and community.

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