Lizzo has a new song literally called ‘Everybody’s Gay’ and of course it’s a bop

Lizzo in a purple two piece with furry sleeves, singing

Lizzo has dropped a new queer anthem called “Everybody’s Gay”, because of course.

The singer finally released her fourth studio album Special on Friday (15 July) and it’s safe to say it’s filled with bops, from “Grrrls”, the song Lizzo gracefully changed the lyrics of in June to get rid of an ableist slur, to the smash hit “About Damn Time”.

And “Everybody’s Gay” is no exception.

The uptempo, feel-good dance track is all about Lizzo being buzzed for a night on the town that stretches into the early morning, or what she calls “demon time”.

And in quite possibly the most Lizzo lyric yet, she sings: “Dance the night away (Keep your p***y poppin’, pop those percolates) / Everybody’s gay, yeah (It’s a happy place in here, baby, you’re safe).”

The 34-year-old previously described “Everybody’s Gay” as being about “living your best life, turning up, and dancing and just having some f**king fun”. In other words, peak gay agenda.

Indeed, Lizzo sings about asking a “sexy murse” to drink with her in the public bathroom before eyeing up a “mister” who has a “monster”, which she happily clarifies refers to him having a “big d**k”. Just in case any listeners were unsure.

Naturally, fans are already hooked.

When Lizzo belted out “Everybody’s Gay” during a Night of 1,000 Lizzos in West Hollywood, California, in June it was no surprise that she brought the house down.

The tribute night was fronted by a sickening line-up of RuPaul’s Drag Race stars.


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Drag Race alum Kornbread was joined by Jaida Essence Hall, Daya Betty, Heidi N Closet and June Jambalaya for the show, with Kornbread introducing Lizzo to the crowd as a “local queen” on the rise.

Lizzo told the crowd at Heart bar that she’s been a “diva since I came out of the f**king womb”.

“I feel like I’m family, so we can all understand. I’ve been feeling so down, so depressed, and so stressed lately, I feel so much hate from the world sometimes,” she said.

“But to come into this place and feel love from the LGBTQIA+ community — by the way, since day motherf**king one, we’ve been walking together. It means so, so much to me.”