Kit Connor reveals his favourite items from books to caps

Kit Connor reveals his favourite items from books to headphones.

Kit Connor has revealed his go-to items that he always carries round in his backpack from books to headwear.

The Heartstopper star is the latest to appear in British Vogue’s In the Bag series.

The web series sees celebrities show fans the contents of their bags, giving us a glimpse into their favourite products.

One of Kit’s go-tos is books despite him saying: “I was never really a reader growing up.”

“But I now don’t really leave without a book, I’m a really bad reader so it takes me a while to get through things. And I just find that it helps me get off my phone, which has been a goal of mine recently,” he added.

The two books in his bag at the moment are A Bright Ray of Darkness by Ethan Hawke and Henry IV by Shakespeare.

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Another is a JBL speaker, but this one is a little more unique than the ones you can buy in the shop.

It’s personalised with a design that features a picture of Connor and his dogs.

“I got sent this right after season one of Heartstopper came out. There was no note, there was nothing, so I don’t know who sent this to me,” he explained.

He joked: “The word wanky is coming to mind, because if most people did this and pulled out a speaker with their face on it, it would look a bit narcissistic and weird.

Kit Connor was gifted a JBL speaker
Kit Connor was gifted a JBL speaker with a picture of his face and dogs on it. (YouTube)

One of his essential items is a green cap from Carhartt which he says is “really crucial” for him.

“I hated my hair growing up, really hated it, I don’t hate my hair quite as much now,” he explained.

But he says when he gets “really awful bed head” he can use the cap “to go out in public and display myself to the world”.

He uses a hand cream from Aveeno – also on his face – as he’s not “really very good” with his skin care routine.

While his choice of fragrance is a cologne by Floris, which he described as “nice, quite subtle and elegant”.

Other items that are always in his bag are headphones despite not being a “tech guy”, chewing gum, pens and pencils, sunglasses because they’re “kinda cool” and his notebook.

“Sometimes if I’m a little bit confused about something in my life, or feeling a bit emotional about something I can write it down. I think it’s been really good for my mental health, it’s also just a good way to be creative,” he said.