One dead in Nudieland shooting at ‘safe space’ for queer punk community in Minneapolis

One person has died and six were injured after a shooter targeted Minneapolis event Nudieland, a 'safe space' for queer and trans punks.

One person has died and a further six are injured after a mass shooting at a Minneapolis event described as a “safe space” for the queer punk community. 

Police said they were searching for two suspects following a shooting at punk event Nudieland in Minneapolis, Minnesota on 11 August, Associated Press reported.

The shooting reportedly occurred in the garden of a house where people had gathered for the punk rock show. According to police, two suspects walked into the alley before gunfire was heard and the suspects fled on foot. 

Minneapolis Police chief Brian O’Hara said officers attending the scene found multiple people with gunshot wounds, and they believe one of the people at the show was targeted by a shooter. 

Friends identified the man who died as August Golden, who was reportedly in his 30s. 

“It’s like normal one second, and then shots fired. And everybody hit the ground,” Quinn McClurg, who was at the show, told Minnesota Public Radio.

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“I can’t even conceptualize something like that happening at a punk show. I was making sure all my friends are okay and making sure people are getting the help they needed.

“The hardest part is reaching out to folks and telling them, ‘Hey, I just thought you should know I was in a shooting last night like, I’m okay. And I’m safe. But you know, it’s gonna stick with me for a little bit.’ And I’m only going to use it as fuel to like, support my community more and love the people inside it.”

McClurg added to CBS News: “For a lot of like, you know, punks and people who are like queer or trans or within that community, it’s just like a very safe space.”

Jeremy Hanson Willis, CEO of Minnesota-based LGBTQ+ organisation Rainbow Health described the shooting as “hateful” and “violent”, calling on supporters to donate to the multiple GoFundMe pages that have been launched to help support the victims of the attack and their loved ones.

“Our hearts are saddened this week as we absorb the impact of yet another hateful, violent attack on our queer/trans community with the shooting at Nudieland,” Willis said in a statement.

“We share the feelings of loss and fear, and we send our love to those affected by this senseless act. Please do what you can to help the victims of this violence by contributing at GoFundMe. 

“To those who attack LGBTQ+ people in our neighborhood and across the globe, remember this: we’re not going anywhere.”

Police have not yet confirmed any arrests. 

Police Chief Brian O’Hara said during a press conference: “We believe one of the persons was being targeted by a shooter.

“We know two suspects ran from the scene. I can’t confirm there were two shooters, though.”

PinkNews has contacted the Minneapolis Police Department for comment. 

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