Darcie Silver: British trans comedian dies in Thailand, aged 35

Darcie Silver

British trans comedian Darcie Silver, who performed at Edinburgh Fringe in 2019, has died in Thailand aged 35. 

Darcie Silver, who spoke to PinkNews in 2019 about being told to leave women’s changing rooms in a Dorothy Perkins store because they are for “females only”, has died of unknown circumstances. 

Her death was announced by a cosmetic and gender-affirming hospital in Bangkok where she was reportedly working in patient liaison and marketing. Kamol Hospital shared the news on Instagram on Saturday (19 August).

The post thanked the former stand-up comic, saying she “will be missed dearly”, for “helping so many people make their dreams come true”. 

“Darcy was not only our employee but also a friend, a sister, a person of great sympathy, dedication and passion.

“She was very fond of Thai culture, and most of her escapes from working life, were devoted to prayer in Thai temples, which is why her funeral will be celebrated according to Thai tradition.”

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The hospital also shared photos from Darcie’s funeral which included tributes from patients she had worked with, thanking her for helping in their transition.

In 2019, Silver performed her show “I know you are but what am I?” at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The festival shared the “very sad news” with its followers on Facebook.

“Darcie was hugely liked on the comedy circuit when she was performing, and enjoyed a very successful run of shows with us at the Brass Monkey in 2019. Far too soon, and we hope she is at peace now. RIP.” 

Following the Dorothy Perkins incident, Silver told PinkNews of the multiple transphobic attacks she had faced and how they had shaped her life and experiences as a trans woman.

She said: “I hate it. I can’t help being a woman. I wish I could. I’ve had a horrible life because of it. I can’t imagine anyone ever choosing to be trans because it’s so difficult to live with.

“Every time I find peace and my groove and get a little bit of confidence, something like this happens. And it takes me months to get my confidence back.”

PinkNews has contacted Kamol Hospital for comment.