Anti-trans activists rage at Pride flag boot sticker, only to discover it came from ‘gender critical’ store

Anti-trans activist, Posie Parker, speaks into a microphone.

Anti-trans activists found themselves up in arms about a seemingly misogynistic Pride flag boot sticker – but it turns out the call was coming from inside the house.

Gender-critical activists shared their collective outrage after a user posted a picture of a sticker featuring a rainbow boot crushing the word woman.

“Abysmal,” said one gender-critical activist. “They’re finally saying the quiet part out loud? They hate women,” said another, horrified at the sticker, which was shared on social media by a journalist who works with right-wing outlets such as GB News, Talk TV and The Telegraph.

The journalist claimed the sticker had been placed over another, allegedly of a “suffragette women’s rights sticker” the colours of which are typically used to signify anti-trans, ‘gender-critical‘ beliefs.

A third sticker, featuring the pansexual flag colours, can also be seen underneath the other logos.

Anti-trans campaigners claimed the picture “speaks for itself” while continuing to accuse LGBTQ+ people, particularly trans people, of hating women – as the sticker implies.

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But, as was pointed out after the Saturday (9 September) post was published on Twitter, a URL on the side of the sticker comes from notable anti-trans pundit Posie Parker’s website ‘Standing For Women’.

The “Under the boot” sticker roll is purchasable on the gender-critical activist’s website for £6 at 20 stickers per pack.

Other anti-trans products on her shop include a “men’s sexual rights movement” sticker roll featuring the trans flag, and a “TERF” sticker, which stands for “Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist”.

Posie Parker, better known as Kellie-Jay Keen, is notorious for her controversial public speaking appearances in which she demonises trans people and has previously called pro-trans allies “stupid young women“.

Most notable was her tour across Australia and New Zealand in 2023 after she was joined by nationalist neo-Nazis at an event in Melbourne.

Parker told PinkNews in a statement following the incident that the group of neo-Nazis “weren’t even at our rally,” adding that “no right-minded person sides with Nazis”.

Users across Twitter commented on the easily identifiable link on the corner of the sticker, jokingly saying that the journalist who posted the image “forgot to zoom in on the small print”.

“A TERF sticker over a TERF sticker,” another wrote. “Also, real homophobic tones to this one, [because] transphobes are also homophobes.”

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