Kim Petras gags fans with surprise drop of new album, Problématique

Kim Petras

Kim Petras fans are screaming, crying, and dancing their little hearts out after the singer surprise-dropped her album Problématique on Monday night (18 September).

Hardcore stans will recognise songs of the songs on Problématique from when the LP was leaked online in 2022.

The project was originally supposed to be Petras’s debut album, but it was put on hold due to circumstances out of her control, so she invited fans to “listen to the leaks”, thinking it was the only way those songs would be heard.

Kim Petras wears a sheer red veil on the red carpet at the 2023 Grammy awards.
Kim Petras has surprised fans with the release of Problématique. (Getty/Michael Buckner)

In a now-deleted tweet, Petras told fans at the time: “I’m not getting to put out any music anyways, I’m f***ed. I’m devastated idk how all of this happened and I just wanna quit.”

Instead, Petras wound up releasing the album Slut Pop as her EP last year.

Fans thought they’d never see the day that Problématique got an official release and was available to listen to on major streaming services, but that day has finally come.

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Petras casually took to social media on Monday night and dropped the album art for the already-beloved Problématique, simply writing: “Problématique. Out now.”

And her fans are still reeling.

Over on Instagram, Petras’ comment section was flooded with love and excitement.

 “OMG KIMMYYY FINALLY we’ve been waiting forever for this,” one follower raved.

“I’m crying, never thought I’d see the day,” commented a second.

Meanwhile, over on X (aka Twitter), Petras fans were just as blown away.


“It makes me wanna cry when I realise that we did it, we actually got Problématique,” wrote a second.

And a third commented: “Kim Petras making pop music fun again with Problématique.

Speaking to the Associated Press about the surprise release, the Grammy-winning singer said: “It was shocking when I found out part of the album leaked — at the time — that it wasn’t ever going to come out, especially as I poured so much of myself into it.

“I was heartbroken but, at the same time, it was really exciting to see my fans listening to the tracks and loving them.

“Now that I’m able to put them out, it’s just so freeing to have more music that I love out in the world and officially share them in a way that all my fans can hear them.”

Among the songs on the 10-track album are “Born Again”, “Dirty Things”, and “All She Wants”, featuring none other than Paris Hilton.

Petras says that she likes to keep her fans on their toes.

“I don’t ever want to be predictable or repeat myself, and it reminds me of when I was an independent artist and able to put things out on my own schedule and keep people guessing.

“I just hope everyone loves the new music as much as I do.”

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