Lukas Gage gives Zachary Quinto a happy ending in R-rated trailer for gay comedy Down Low

Zachary Quinto and Lukas Gage in new trailer for queer comedy Down Low.

Within 25 seconds of the first trailer for new queer comedy Down Low, Lukas Gage has given Zachary Quinto a massage – complete with a very happy ending indeed.

Thus begins two minutes of R-rated, uninhibited, horny gay chaos, featuring Gage imitating blow job noises, a nude shot of Quinto (tastefully covered by a single leaf), and one dead Grindr hookup.

Down Low stars 28-year-old You actor Lukas Gage as part-time masseuse, full-time rambunctious twink Cameron, and 46-year-old Star Trek actor Zachary Quinto as Gary, a nervous divorcee who has never before been intimate with another man.

Following on from their initial intimate encounter on the massage table, Gary reveals to Cameron that he’s ready to fulfil his queer sexual fantasies.

Cameron, seemingly an expert in sourcing the best local trade, sets up Gary up on a gay sex app. Within minutes, anonymous user Looking2succ (Law & Order’s Sebastian Arroyo) is on the doorstep.

One unfortunate window-based accident later, and Gary and Cameron are left with a dead body on their hands. Not to worry; a quick search on the Dark Web leaves them in the terrifyingly capable hands of ‘Fleshpuppet’ (Simon Rex), a certified weirdo who knows all too much about concealing bodies.

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It’s a mission, particularly when nosy, church-going neighbour Sandy (“Church girls know how to kneel!” she exclaims at one point), played by Judith Light, is all up in their business.

While the trailer to reveals that Down Lown is very much a salacious comedy akin to a queer version of The Hangover, it also appears to have a lot of heart.

As the film goes on, Cameron and Gary grow closer, with the latter telling the former: “I’m really glad I met you. Even if multiple people are dead because of it.”

Zachary Quinto and Lukas Gage in new trailer for queer comedy Down Low.
Lukas Gage (R) and Zachary Quinto (L) in Down Low. (Sony Pictures Entertainment)

Cameron also shows a knack for getting Gary to step into his full queer potential. As he puts it: “I am like human poppers. I open anyone up.”

The emotional affirmation appears to work, and by the end, it seems as though Gary has stepped fully into his authentic gay self. “I am a cool, hot, zaddy,” he declares towards the trailer’s end. Now that’s character development.

Following the film’s debut at SXSW Film Festival back in March, The Hollywood Reporter dubbed Down Low “a zany, frenetic and horny comedy”, and from the trailer, it’s not hard to see why. 

“You guys ever seen Gone Girl?,” Fleshpuppet questions Gary and Cameron at the end. “Just the part with Ben Affleck’s dick,” they respond in unison.

A horny queer comedy is correct.

In June, Gage revealed that for his character Cameron, he took inspiration from the infamous “Demon Twink” – the viral queer folklore tale about a young queer man who caused havoc onboard a Britney Spears boat party back in 2021.

Lukas Gage puts his arm around Zachary Quinto while posing at the SXSW film festival.
Lukas Gage and Zachary Quinto are starring in the horniest, messiest queer film in years. (Getty/Corey Nickols)

“I was really channelling that Demon Twink era. Cameron was inspired by the Demon Twink,” Gage told Entertainment Weekly.

“I just remember filming and [the Demon Twink] was happening at the same time. I was like, ‘This was meant to be. This is kismet. This is my homework.’ It was delivered to me.”

Down Low will be available on streaming platforms from 10 October.