He Went That Way: Zachary Quinto and Jacob Elordi’s heart-pounding true crime trailer drops

Zachary Quinto (L) stars opposite Jacob Elordi (R) in thriller He Went That Way.

Jacob Elordi and Zachary Quintio bring the horrifying true story from 1964 about a serial killer to roaring life in the trailer for He Went That Way.

He Went That Way premiered at Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year to mixed reviews. The film rounds off Euphoria actor Elordi’s star-making year after acclaimed turns in Priscilla and Saltburn. Meanwhile, this is Quinto’s second major film in recent months after starring opposite Lukas Gage in “hot zaddy” comedy Down Low.

The feature-length film, directed by the late Jeffrey Darling, follows do-gooder celebrity animal handler Jim (Quinto) who picks up an innocent-enough looking hitchhiker Bobby (Elordi) as he road trips down Route 66.

Bobby is no ordinary traveller, but rather a sadistic serial killer who takes pleasure in picking off people who show him an inch of kindness, one by one. As the two “fiery” personalities clash whilst on the road, the unconventional duo start to form a bizarrely close bond that threatens Bobby’s murderous intentions.

The film also features Patrick J. Adams (Suits) as an evangelising priest and a chimpanzee (Spanky), making for a decidedly chaotic ensemble.

The two-minute trailer showcases harrowing high-stakes blended with the light-hearted spirit of Jim and his chimp – which endears Bobby to him so deeply. But things take a nosedive as Jim begins to suspect all is not as it seems.

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Expect gun-slinging violence, tense negotiations and daring escapes as Jim races against the clock to remove himself from Bobby’s clutches before it’s too late.

The synopsis describes the film as “a taut thriller based on a true crime story that puts a wicked spin on the buddy road trip film”.

He Went That Way marks cinematographer Darling’s first and last venture into directing before he passed away in March 2022.

In an interview with Deadline earlier this year, the thriller’s production crew honoured Darling’s legacy.

“It’s been an eighteen-year journey to bring this story to life and now stands as a legacy to our director, the late Jeffrey Darling, who passed away during post-production,” they said.

“Jacob and Zachary brought such an intensity and smart approach to the characters in a story steeped in instinct, infatuation, and incident.”

He Went That Way arrives in select cinemas across the US on 5 January 2024.

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