UN Women shares trans-inclusive support on International Lesbian Day and bigots are raging

People making a heart shape behind a pride flag

Bigots have lashed out at the United Nations (UN) after its UN Women group declared its unequivocal support for trans lesbians.

UN Women – an international organisation that focuses on gender equity and empowering women – shared a trans-inclusive post on social during International Lesbian Day on Sunday (8 October).

“Remember, trans lesbians are lesbians too,” it wrote.

“Let’s uplift and honour every expression of love and identity. Happy International Lesbian Day.”

The inclusive message was celebrated by members of the LGBTQ+ community and allies, but predictably attacked by anti-trans activists.

The post was, of course, too much for anti-trans pundits to handle. Bigots flocked to the post decrying UN Women’s expression of pro-trans solidarity while misgendering trans women.

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Self-proclaimed theocratic fascist, Matt Walsh, used his criticism of the post to describe trans women as “pervert men” with “autogynephilic fetishes” – a slur used by transphobes to push the conspiracy that trans women are men.

Meanwhile, ‘gender-critical’ pundit, James Esses, simply pushed the false line that “trans lesbians are straight men.”

Others claimed that UN Women was ignoring ongoing injustices against women and instead focusing on “virtue signalling.”

In actuality, the international organisation had commented on other humanitarian and political situations affecting women on the very same day.

UN Women executive director, Sima Bahous, posted her “heartfelt condolences” towards those affected by the earthquake that hit Afghanistan on the same day.

She added that UN Women were “on the ground” supporting Afghan women and girls during the crisis, which she said could potentially exacerbate the “dire humanitarian and women’s rights crisis” currently present in Afghanistan.

Bahous also posted commenting on the escalation in the conflict between Israel and Palestine, urging that all “civilians, including women and girls, are protected.”

Pro-LGBTQ+ supporters of the UN Women’s work lauded the post as a simple, yet effective, message of support towards a routinely marginalised group.

“What a nice post, I bet the replies and quotes are super normal,” one user jokingly wrote.

“The response to this really goes to show the kind of atmosphere [Elon Musk] had cultivated [on X/Twitter],” another wrote.

“Don’t check the comments obviously, but it’s actually really nice when big platforms do proudly stand up for trans people.”