Big Brother’s Hallie reveals she would spend prize money on gender-affirming care

Big Brother star Hallie.(ITV)

Big Brother star Hallie has revealed that she would spend the contest’s coveted prize money on gender-affirming care if she wins.

The 18-year-old youth worker brought her Big Brother housemates and those watching at home to tears when she came out as a trans woman during the second episode of the rebooted show on Monday (9 October).

All the contestants gave her their support, and even shared their own pronouns in a powerful moment of trans acceptance.

Later in the episode, Hallie opened up about where she is now on her gender journey – and what she plans to do next.

While getting ready together in the bedroom, Kerry asked her if she planned to “transition fully”.

Hallie responded: “Yeah, if I win I’m gonna get a vagina. A designer vagina, that’s what I want. And I’m going to pay my mum back for all the years she paid for my treatment.”

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Kerry emotionally replied: “Oh my God, that makes me want to cry.”

The exact figure for this year’s prize has not yet been revealed but in 2018, the final season before the ITV reboot, the prize totalled £100,000.

Immediately afterwards, Jenkin asked Hallie: “What sort of treatment have you had so far? Do you mind me asking?”

Hallie told her housemates that she had been on hormone replacement therapy, which acts as a testosterone blocker and promotes oestrogen, since she was 16.

“Every night I have to do my gel,” she continued. “It’s like cream, you pump it on and rub it in between your thighs or outer arm.”

Hallie revealed she had to stop the treatment for a few months because she couldn’t afford it privately any more and the NHS waiting times were “really long”.

She added: “I went and said I was at risk of self-medicating because I was and they should offer a bridging prescription.”

She eventually returned to private care before entering the Big Brother house. According to Hallie, her full treatment would cost up to £30,000 under private healthcare.

Jenkin expressed his dismay at the high cost, saying: “It’s ridiculous. Just for you to be yourself.”

Hallie explained: “It’s five plus years on the [NHS] waiting list. I don’t want to wait that long. I’ve never had a boyfriend, I’ve never had sex, never done anything sexual with anyone because I’m just not comfortable in my body.

“At the end of the day, sex isn’t the most important thing. The mind doesn’t match the body, that’s the best way to describe being trans. I have a female mind but the body just doesn’t match.”

Although Hallie received a positive reception within the house, online many right-wing viewers and complained that the show has gone “woke”.

Big Brother has a long history of platforming diverse communities. Most notably in 2004, trans woman Nadia Almada made reality show history with her victory. Eight years later, Luke Anderson became the first transgender man to win.

Big Brother continues on ITV 2 on weekdays from 9pm.