Drag Race Brazil promises legendary looks, a winning host and a cameo from an iconic meme queen

Stills from the new Drag Race Brazil trailer featuring Grag Queen as host and Gretchen as guest judge.

The trailer for the first season of Drag Race Brazil has dropped, bringing with it some regal runways, a hint of chaos and an appearance from one of Brazil’s best meme queens.

The expansion of the Drag Race empire appears to be an unstoppable juggernaut. Most recently, Drag Race Mexico crash-landed on our screens with Valentina and Lolita Banana as hosts. This year has also seen the debut seasons of Drag Race Sverige and Drag Race Belgique, while Drag Race Germany has been announced.

Plus, fan-favourites Drag Race Philippines and Drag Race France are currently gracing our TV screens.

The next franchise coming to a TV set near you is Drag Race Brazil. It’s easily one of the most eagerly anticipated in the show’s history, particularly considering the two most-followed drag queens of all time on Instagram are Brazilian: Pabllo Vittar and Gloria Groove.

While neither of those two esteemed queens will be walking into the Drag Race Brazil werk room, 12 other divas will be attempting to sashay their way to the crown.

In a new trailer, all 12 queens enter with a promise of serving some stellar looks on the runway. There’s a latex, milk-and-cookies-covered skirt, disco denim chaps, and what looks like a capybara costume with glittering pink lips. That’s one eclectic fashion show.

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Drag Race Brazil will be hosted by Grag Queen, the jaw-dropping winner of the first season of drag singing contest Queen of the Universe, while comedian Bruna Braga and costume designer Dudu Bertholini will be permanent judges.

While the short trailer doesn’t give too much away about what fans can expect, one particular moment has well left the Drag Race community excited – to say the least.

Grag Queen performs in a black dress on Queen of the Universe
Grag Queen performs “Rise Up” by Andra Day on Queen of the Universe. (YouTube/RuPaul’s Drag Race)

In a two-second clip, fans get to see one of the guest judges, and it’s none other than Brazilian singer and OG meme queen, Gretchen. 

She’s a household name in Brazil, but to many outside the country she’s best known for being one of the most prolific meme queens of the past decade. In the words of Katy Perry, who featured Gretchen in her 2017 music video “Swish Swish”, “Gretchen is the internet”.

Which queens are starring in Drag Race Brazil?

Twelve queens are competing in Drag Race Brazil, including a pop DJ, a drag photographer and a “gourmet clown”.

A promo photo for Drag Race Brazil.
The queens of Drag Race Brazil. (World of Wonder)

The queens are:

Aquarela: A versatile “gourmet clown” from Minas Gerais, who is known for her stunning make-up and wild performances.

Betina Polaroid: In case the name doesn’t give it away, Betina is this season’s fashion photographer.

Dallas de Vil: A pop DJ and activist who uses drag and entertainment as a “platform for revolution”.

Diva More: Expect “fashion, beauty and a lot of clowning”.

Hellena Malditta: A queen who treads the line between “beauty and monstrosity” and knows how to take a fellow contestant down with her “acidic humour”.

Melusine Sparkle: This hopeful merges art with drag to create a “playful and unique” fantasy world. 

Miranda Lebrão: A visual artist from Rio de Janeiro, Miranda is “defined by debauchery and drama”.

Naza: Another queen of versatility, Naza knows how to have fun, cause trouble and say what needs to be said. 

Organzza: A visual artist who “mixes afrofuturism with carnival”.

Rubi Ocean: This season’s fashion queen, Rubi knows how to sew.

Shannon Skarllet: Three words define this contestant: beauty, dancing and drama. 

Tristan Soledade: Tristan is part of the thematic art movement, and uses her drag to “expose the insurgencies of the LGBTQIAPN+ community” in Northern Brazil.

When does Drag Race Brazil air and how can you watch?

Drag Race Brazil premieres on 30 August on WOW Presents Plus.