Big Brother’s queer love triangle comes to a head as Henry confronts Jordan: ‘Sort your sh*t out’

Big Brother's Jordan (left) and Henry (right) in the diary room.

The messy, will-they-won’t-they love triangle between Big Brother housemates Jordan, Henry and Matty seems to be coming to a head, with all three making their feelings clear.

Since the beginning of the series, 25-year-old queer lawyer Jordan and 25-year-old food writer Henry have been good friends, but Henry’s seemed keen for something a little more. In recent episodes, fans have watched the sweet pair share a kiss, leading to them being dubbed a real-life Heartstopper.

Jordan, though, has been seemingly hung up on 24-year-old, gay geriatric doctor Matty, and they’ve spent an increasing amount of time flirting with one another.

In last night’s episode (1 November), it became clear that things will soon come to a head, as Henry made his feelings clear, and Jordan and Matty struggled to work out what to do with their relationship.

“We’ve probably tried being closer a couple times, backing off, then going closer. It’s obviously just not working. I hope that doesn’t have to mean that you’re spiky with me,” Matty told Jordan as the pair huddled in the corner of the upstairs room.

In response, Jordan urged Matty to not “even smile” at him, but agreed that some time apart was “for the best”.

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Henry (L), Jordan and Matty (R) from Big Brother.
Henry (L), Jordan and Matty (R) from Big Brother. (ITV)

Later in the episode, Jordan spoke to housemate Trish about his fear of getting sucked in by Matty’s charm. “He’s very flirtatious with everyone… He understands why I sometimes like to take a break from him,” Jordan explained.

“He’s just got very nice eyes, hasn’t he. I don’t [find him attractive], I only like his eyes. I find his personality endearing, but I don’t find him attractive. If I do like him, then I might start finding him attractive.”

Trish quickly put him straight though, telling him he was “talking s**t”.

Later on, Jordan and Matty were seen play fighting, and once again discussing their confusing relationship. Matty suggested that the pair needed “an actual serious conversation”, but Jordan declined, saying that it “won’t amount to anything”.

Viewers have voiced their annoyance at the bizarre Matty and Jordan tension, and it appears that Henry too, finally, has had enough.

Speaking to Trish, Henry revealed that he and Jordan have kissed “four, five times” but that the situation with Matty was “playing with his emotions”.

Big Brother Jordan and Henry
Big Brother’s Jordan and Henry. (ITV)

“I think I just want a bit of clarity. I don’t want it to look like I’m being mugged off… I haven’t felt this emotion before and it’s just been a bit stressful. My head’s a bit all over the place.”

Later on, after Henry shared with Big Brother in the diary room that he felt he was “losing Jordan,” Henry confronted him in the bedroom.

“What is going on here? It seems pretty obvious to me. It’s pretty obvious to all of us,” he told Jordan.

“There’s some strangeness happening between you two [Jordan and Matty]. You’re just acting very bizarre around each other. Very hot and cold.

“I just think you need to sort your sh*t out,” Henry added. “I feel like I’m caught in the crossfire sometimes.”

In tonight’s episode (2 November), Henry will demand that Jordan gives him clarity on their relationship.

“I think for the sake of both of you and everyone else, that you just sort it out… I think we all just need a bit more clarity in our lives,” he says.

Jordan responds by saying that he doesn’t do “emotions first off” and that he is trying to “avoid it”.

“I just don’t want to be involved in it, I’m not in here for that,” he adds.

“But you are involved in it, you’re in the centre of it,” Henry argues, before Jordan promises to “resolve” the situation.

Big Brother continues on ITV2 and ITVX from Sunday to Friday.