Russian TV turns ‘LGBT’ rainbow into grey cloud in K-pop music video

God of Music video

A Russian TV channel has removed a rainbow featured in a K-pop music video over worries that it could violate the country’s ‘LGBT propaganda’ laws. 

TNT Music, which runs a chart show dedicated to K-pop, aired the music video for boy band Seventeen’s hit song “God of Music” and replaced the rainbow featured with a grey cloud. 

In 2013, Russia passed a law banning ‘LGBT propaganda’, restricting the distribution of information about queer people among minors. In December 2022, the government expanded the legislation to ban any mention of LGBTQ+ people in the media.

The channel’s choice to err on the side of caution follows it previously being fined for violating Russia’s ‘LGBT propaganda’ laws by broadcasting foreign-made music videos. 

In July this year, TNT Music’s owner Fonbet TV was fined 1 million rubles ($10,800) by a Moscow court for ‘LGBT propaganda’ after it aired Finnish singer Alma’s music video for the song “Summer Really Hurt Us”

The channel also faces a fine of up to 16 million rubles ($174,000) on four administrative charges of spreading ‘LGBT propaganda’ among minors, as reported by The Moscow Times

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Russia’s LGBTQ+ propaganda laws have sparked a wave of abuse towards the community, with queer people previously telling PinkNews that they’ve been subject to homophobic and racist abuse by authorities.

A trans woman said she’s “scared s**tless” over the government’s open attacks on transgender people. 

A student at a Russian university spoke to PinkNews in August about being expelled after being accused of promoting so-called ‘LGBT+ propaganda’ for sharing his love of makeup online.