Eugenia Cooney posts concerning story after TikTok is taken down

Eugenia Cooney

American internet personality Eugenia Cooney has left fans concerned after posting an Instagram story saying its been a “weird last few days”, after having her TikTok taken down, again.

The 29-year-old, who has constantly caused her fans to worry about her health, took to her Instagram account on Sunday (12 November) to share a selfie of her with the text “it’s been kinda a weird last few days lol” written over it.

It follows her TikTok account being taken down once again. 

Reddit users have raised concerns about her story with some claiming that it gives off “depressed vibes”. 

Another comment read: “Oof. Her eyes are super bloodshot even with the filter and lighting..”

But someone else wrote: “She always posts some version of this when her TikTok is down. I don’t think it’s deeper than that, honestly.” 

In October, Cooney, who is friends with Jeffree Star – founder and owner of Jeffree Star Cosmetics –  spoke to Rich Lux about her health and being in a suspected psychiatric hospital. 

Speaking of her health she said: “I really feel like I’m doing fine, honestly.” 

Cooney previously caused concern among her fans following going silent after hinting that she was going to meet with someone from a crisis centre. 

The concern has led fans to call for the influencer to get medical help over her fragile frame. Her fans have called for YouTube to ban her from the platform due to her image. 

In response to her followers concerns, Instagram and TikTok told The Mail on Sunday they would’t remove Cooney’s posts because they didn’t violate their guidelines and they couldn’t remove content “purely based on looks”. 

TikTok, however, claims it won’t allow content “showing or promoting disordered eating or any dangerous weight-loss behaviours”, while  Instagram says it does not allow content that promotes or shows disordered eating, and directs users to support websites if they search for terms related to eating disorders. 

Cooney has more than two million YouTube followers, over 700,000 on instagram and almost 440,000 on live-streaming platform Twitch. Her TikTok previously had two million followers. 

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