Drag Race makes herstory with first cis woman winner: ‘She deserves the world’

Drag Race Germany star Pandora Nox.

After nearly 15 years on our TV screens, the Drag Race franchise has finally crowned its first ever cis woman winner, as Pandora Nox has just won Drag Race Germany.

In addition to being the first AFAB (assigned female at birth) queen to win any franchise, the 30-year-old drag star is also first to win the Drag Race Germany franchise – as the inaugural season began in September 2023.

She’s also the first lesbian to ever win a season of Drag Race

In 2021, Drag Race UK competitor Victoria Scone became the first AFAB contestant on any franchise, but she was forced to leave the contest after suffering an injury.

Scone returned for Canada Vs. The World last year, where she made the final, before being beaten by Rajah O’Hara.

Earlier this year, Clover Bish became the second cis woman to compete on the franchise, on Drag Race España – but fans felt she received unfairly poor treatment, and she finished in fifth place.

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Pandora Nox was an immediate fan favourite after entering the Drag Race Germany werk room, winning both the mini and maxi challenge in the first episode. She went on to win the season’s ball challenge, as well as the runway in episode four.

She placed in the bottom twice, but also received positive critiques on several of the episodes she didn’t ultimately win.

In the final episode of the season on Monday (20 November), Pandora performed a dance number to RuPaul’s song “Call Me Mother” alongside the other two finalists, Metamorkid and Yvonne Nightstand.

Then, after a final lip-sync to Eurovision icon Conchita Wurst’s song “Rise Like a Phoenix”, Pandora Nox was announced as the winner – much to fan delight.

“SHE DID IT SHE DID IT SHE DID IT,” exclaimed one overwhelmed fan. “Herstory has been made with Pandora Nox becoming the first ever cis woman to win. I couldn’t be more happier with how it ended. She deserves the world and beyond.”

“We will have a lesbian in the Drag Race hall of fame. Pandora Nox, you will always be famous,” another declared.

“First AFAB winner! Let’s go, pussy power,” a third shared.

Cis women dominating Drag Race: check. Now, it’s time to see some drag kings cast.