‘We’re gay and want kids’

Gay couple Amit and Aditya talk about their hopes and dreams when it comes to starting a family.

Their peers ask them a lot about whether they’d like to have kids, and their answer is “absolutely yes”.

“Back in the day, I was like ‘oh, I want girls’, but now I feel like, the whole gender thing, I found very silly,” Aditya shares. “Gender is assigned but it’s on the kid to pick as well because as you grow, the kid might realise otherwise.”

Now, the pair want two children – but they’re in disagreement about whether to opt for a surrogate or to adopt. Whilst Amit prefers the first option, Aditya thinks adoption is “the way to go”.

“We just want to welcome a child, or hopefully two, into this world. I just want some of our genes,” Amit believes, with Aditya adding that there are “so many kids who are looking for a home”.

Amit wants to be known as “daddy”, whilst Aditya thinks he’ll suit just “dad”.

“As you get older, you realise how similar you are to your parents,” Amit muses.

“Now, I feel like I’m a copy of my mum,” Aditya adds, noting that she was a strict parent. “As long as it’s respectful towards everyone, I’m okay. Whatever they want, they can have,” he muses on his potential parenting style.

“I’ll always be worried for the kid and where the kid is,” he continues, with Amit joking that they should “Bluetooth the kid”.

“Imagine if they had find my kid instead of find my iPhone,” he laughs.

“One thing I know: that baby is going to be cuddled, smooched, hugged, kissed,” Amit smiles. “And if our son wants to get a kitchen set, he’ll get a kitchen set,” Aditya adds.

“Giving or receiving love does not change someone’s gender or make someone’s sexual identity or anything like that.”

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