The fetish of the year has been revealed – and it’s a big one

Stock image of a huge woman's legs walking through a city to represent "giantess"

A fetish and kink platform has named 2023 as the year of the giantess. 

As part of its yearly round-up, adult website Clips4Sale revealed that “giantess” – or being turned on by giant, powerful women – is this year’s number one most searched fetish globally. 

The site explained that it is the most popular search term in almost half of US states, including Utah, Texas, California, New York, Massachusetts and Florida, with sales of “giantess” content rising 36 per cent this year. 

“The fetishization of giant women is a sign of the times,” Clips4Sale spokesperson Avery Martin said. 

“The giantess is at once sexualized and feared, more of everything you desire but at the same time able to consume you. In the past few years, as public debates have raged over masculinity and femininity, alphas and betas, women have taken up increasing space in the cultural imaginary. 

“Perhaps as a result we’ve seen more and more interest in femdom content, and no one dominates like a giantess.”

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The site explains that giantess’ popularity is exploding even outside of the kink and fetish world, with the viral camera-angle trick “giant woman” trending on TikTok, and Taylor Swift appearing as a giant woman in her Anti-Hero music video.

Taylor Swift appeared as a giant for her Anti-Hero music video (Taylor Swift/Taylor Swift Productions & Revolution Pictures)

The site added that giant women, who may be “goddesses to be worshipped” or “aggressive and all-powerful” were barely recognised when Clips4Sale launched, but gained popularity after the #MeToo movement and women’s marches in 2017.

The website added: “Since 2017 … giantess’ rise has been meteoric, quickly bypassing better known fetishes like foot worship, smoking and cuckolding. We can’t stress just how big Giantess is.”

The site explained that part of the appeal of a giantess fetish is submission or a feeling of helplessness, adding “in a culture that increasingly fetishises alpha male-ness, giantesses are an escape … a way to worship a woman free from the societal pressures of larger culture”.

Runners up in the site’s fetish of the year awards were “vore”, a fetish in which someone experiences pleasure through imagining eating someone or being eaten by another person, and “dollification”, in which a person is transformed into a doll … proving once again the far-reaching influence of Barbie!

2022’s fetish of the year was named as “pegging”, with Clips4Sale stating that pegging had been “one of the greatest growth stories in internet history”. 

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