Every reference to Barbie in Margot Robbie’s plastic fantastic press tour wardrobe

Margot Robbie on Barbie press tour.

Margot Robbie is moving closer to real-life Barbie doll status as she continues to pay sartorial tribute to Mattel’s most iconic toy on the film’s press tour.

Some people commit to method acting, but when it comes to Margot Robbie, star of Greta Gerwig’s upcoming cultural phenomenon Barbie, method dressing is the new trend taking over the red carpet.

That is to say, as the pinker-than-previously-thought-possible film continues its worldwide press tour, Robbie has been rocking up to each event with a wardrobe stacked full of references to original Barbie dolls and their iconic costumes.

Thanks to the stellar work of Andrew Mukamal, the celebrity fashion stylist working closely with Robbie, every single ‘fresh-out-the-plastic’ outfit on the tour has been nothing short of incredible.

From the OG Barbie’s black and white striped swimsuit to a two-in-one reveal in the form of 1985’s ‘Day-to-Night Barbie’, Robbie has proved that this Barbie can serve looks.

As excitement builds for the summer blockbuster, we’ve compiled a list of all the classic Barbie references Robbie has incorporated into her wardrobe as part of Barbie‘s plastic fantastic press tour, complete with the original Barbie dolls she’s paying homage to.

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Classic Swimsuit/Original Barbie (1959)

At a press call, Ms Robbie donned a classic black and white striped Hervé Léger dress – inspired by the very first Barbie, released in 1959. Though Robbie’s version was not crocheted wool, the black and white stripes are instantly recognisable as Mattel’s most iconic toy’s first ever outfit.

Another callback to this outfit was seen in the very first trailer for Barbie.

In Sydney, Robbie referenced the black and white swimsuit of 1959’s first ever Barbie (@andrewmukamal/ Instagram, Mattel)

‘Sparkling Pink’ Barbie (1964)

In Seoul, Robbie donned a crystal-embellished skirt, blazer and top, complete with pillbox hat at a press conference – all from Moschino.

The look is in reference to a 1964 Barbie in the same outfit, though the doll didn’t come with Robbie’s fabulous heart-shaped quilt bag.

Margot Robbie referenced 1964’s Sparkling Barbie in Seoul. (Getty Images/Mattel)

‘Day-to-Night’ Barbie (1985)

The Seoul premiere of Barbie had fans truly gagged – in part, due to Margot’s double whammy, reversible outfit reveal.

Arriving as ‘Day to Night Barbie’ from 1985, Robbie was dressed head to toe in a shocking pink business-or-leisure suit (custom Versace), before swapping into a glamorous evening number.

Margot Robbie in look one of ‘Day-to-Night’ Barbie. (Getty Images/Mattel)
The second of Margot Robbie’s ‘Day-to-Night’ Barbie looks. (Getty Images/Mattel)

‘Pink & Fabulous’ Barbie (2015)

Complete with hot pink, polka-dotted Valentino mini-dress, iconic yellow handbag and white heels, Margot Robbie’s look for a photo call in Los Angeles (25 June) is reminiscent of a Pink & Fabulous Barbie from 2015.

Margot Robbie referenced 2015’s ‘Pink & Fabulous’ Barbie in LA. (Getty Images/Mattel)

‘Earring Magic’ Barbie (1992)

For the premiere of Barbie in México City, Robbie and Mukamal recreated an iconic 1992 Barbie look.

‘Earring Magic’ Barbie came complete with a chunky silver belt, pink pumps and – obviously – some gorgeous dangly earrings, all faithfully recreated. We are glad that Robbie didn’t recreate the updo, we have to say.

Margot Robbie Barbie
Margot Robbie referencing 1992’s ‘Earring Magic’ Barbie for a premiere in Mexico City. (Getty Images/ Mattel)

‘Totally Hair’ Barbie (1992)

At a photocall in México, Robbie channelled the ‘Totally Hair’ Barbie – and yes, you guessed it, there was a lot of hair.

Complete with a stained glass-esque minidress from Emilio Pucci, Chanel earrings, pink shoes and a cascade of crimped blond locks, Ms Robbie turned it out.

Margot Robbie channelled ‘Totally Hair’ Barbie from 1992 at a photocall in Mexico (Getty Images/ Mattel)

Solo in the Spotlight Barbie (1960)

For Barbie‘s world premiere in Los Angeles, Margot Robbie surprisingly ditched the pink in favour of a classic black gown echoing one of Barbie’s most iconic lewks.

Featuring a tulle hem by Schiaparelli and the doll’s trademark baby pink hanky, Robbie was an absolute living doll for the the star studded pink carpet.

Margot Robbie as Solo in the Spotlight Barbie from 1960 (Getty Images/ Mattel)

Starring Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, Hari Nef, Ncuti Gatwa, Kate McKinnon and more, Barbie lands in cinemas 21 July.

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