Georgia Tennant shares inspiring messages from teachers pledging to support trans kids

David Tennant with his arm around wife Georgia Tennant

Actress and fierce trans ally Georgia Tennant has shared dozens of messages from teachers who say they are committed to supporting LGBTQ+ students in the wake of new government guidance on trans pupils.

Proposed guidance on how schools can support trans and non-binary pupils was released on Tuesday (19 December), laying out how schools should approach a range of issues, from social transition to changing names and pronouns, and access to single-sex spaces. 

The non-statutory guidance, which has been described as “dangerous” by LGBTQ+ charities, explicitly states that primary school children “should not have different pronouns to their sex-based pronouns used about them”, and that if a child wishes to socially transition, their parents should be involved. 

The guidance has been criticised by the LGBTQ+ community, allies and school staff, with Staged and Casualty star Tennant, who is married to Doctor Who star David Tennant, gathering messages from teachers who claim they will ignore the advice and continue to respect their student’s identities.

“I will always address a pupil under their chosen pronoun and put their wellbeing first, as I hope most teachers will,” one message read.

Another said: “Everyone I know who works in education respects and cares for young people, so will respect their pronouns. It is the government who are creating this discrimination, not those who are actually working with the kids, who, for the most part, champion self-identity and self-worth.

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“I have hope this won’t be for ever.”

Another told Tennant that the legislation was “vile”, and that any educator who doesn’t respect trans and non-binary pupil’s identity “isn’t fit to be a teacher”. 

Tennant herself wrote a message of support for trans children and their families on Twitter/X, saying: “These are the death throes. Hang in there, please. Most people are kind and inclusive and progressive. These people want you to believe but that’s not the case, do not believe them.

“Carry on with your heads [held] high and your hearts open, they’ll be gone soon.”

LGBTQ+ charities have also been quick to condemn the guidance, with Stonewall, Galop and Mermaids opposing the government’s advice.

Anti-abuse charity Galop pointed out that many trans and non-binary people (two in every five, on average) had experienced abuse at the hands of a family member.

Those who had been abused, often found support from teachers or adults at school, Galop added.

“The guidance states that it would be very rare for a child to be at risk of significant harm in the event of the school informing their parent or carer that they are questioning their gender,” the charity statement read.

“Galop’s evidence suggests this is incorrect… and will lead to dangerous situations for some trans and non-binary young people.”

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