Lil Nas X slams Dave Chappelle for making fun of his music videos: ‘Y’all acting like children of divorce’

Lil Nas X (left) and Dave Chappelle (right).

Queer rapper and “Industry Baby” hitmaker Lil Nas X has responded to a so-called joke about him made by so-called comedian Dave Chappelle in his latest Netflix special.

In one remark made in his new stand-up show The Dreamer, in which the 50-year-old reflects on how he found his success, Chappelle takes aim at Lil Nas X for being “the gayest n***** that ever lived”.

The crack centres around Lil Nas X as a child explaining what he wants to be when he grows up.

Chappelle pretends to be an adult encouraging a young Lil Nas X to share what his dream is “loud and proud”, even if the other children on the playground will “laugh” at him.

“That n***** stood up in front of the whole class [and said] ‘I want to be the gayest n***** that ever lived,” Chappelle says in the punchline.

“I want to do a music video, slide down a stripper pole, all the way to the depths of hell and suck the devil’s d**k at 10 o’clock on BET while all the kids are awake and can see me,” he continues. 

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“Shockingly, that was the only dream that worked out.”

Chappelle is referring to Lil Nas X’s video for number one hit “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)”, which was released almost three years ago, in 2021.

Responding to the comment, Lil Nas X took a break from promoting his upcoming comeback to drag Chappelle for still being obsessed with the video years after its release.

“Y’all gotta let ‘Call Me By Your Name’ go, me and the devil broke up three years ago,” the 24-year-old Grammy Award winner said in a post on X/Twitter, which has been ‘liked’ almost 80,000 times.

“Y’all acting like children of divorce,” he added.

Dave Chappelle’s The Dreamer, which was released on Netflix on 31 December, has also been called out for including comments – once again – about the trans community.

His previous stand-up specials on the streaming platform have received intense backlash for derogatory “jokes” at trans people’s expense.

Yet just a few minutes into the new show, and Chappelle is seen making fun of the community again, comparing trans people to Hollywood stars who are method actors.

He then goes on to remark that he won’t be “f***ing with” the trans community anymore, as he doesn’t “need” them to be funny – as he can instead mock disabled people.

“Tonight, I’m doing all handicapped jokes. They’re not as organised as the gays, and I love punching down,” he comments.

Earlier this week, actress Trace Lysett called Chappelle out for making trans people the butt of the joke once again, urging that he needs “some help”.

LGBTQ+ comedians including Mae Martin, Jerrod Carmichael and Joel Kim Booster have all previously condemned Chappelle’s notoriously anti-trans brand of comedy.