Lovehoney is giving away a free product to celebrate ‘wet January’

Lovehoney is giving away this product for free to celebrate 'wet January'

Forget Dry January, because Lovehoney is celebrating Wet January to kick off your year with a bang.

The sexual wellness brand is giving away a free bottle of lube with every purchase to celebrate the occasion.

If you buy a toy from their website, on 15 January you’ll receive a free bottle of lube.

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As part of Wet January, Lovehoney is calling on people to beat the January blues and get their endorphins pumping by spicing things up under the covers.

They’re putting the “unsung hero of sex and masturbation” – lube – in the spotlight by offering a 100ml bottle with any purchase throughout Monday, 15 January.

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Whether you order a vibrator, couple’s toy, dildos or more, you’ll receive a bottle of Lovehoney’s water-based lubricant for free.

Lovehoney is giving customers a free bottle of lube with every purchase.
Lovehoney is giving customers a free bottle of lube with every purchase.

“Lube can take sex to another level but also is really important for making sex, and solo-play, more accessible and comfortable for those experiencing vaginal dryness, and is a must for anyone having anal sex,” said Lovehoney experts.

They add that lube is “not just for function, but for pleasure too, lube should be every sexually active person’s best friend”.

There’s a number of different lube types to choose from including oil-based, water based, flavoured and silicone based.

Lovehoney recommend water based lube as an “all-rounder” for sex and sex toy use, while silicone lube is the longest lasting type of lube available.

Plus it’s waterproof, so its ideal for having fun in the shower, but it’s not compatible with most sex toys.

They add that oil-based lube is for external play only, flavoured lube is recommended for oral sex and anal lube is specially formulated to be longer lasting.

To shop and get a free bottle of 100ml lube with any purchase on 15 January head to

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