Rapper Dee-1 claims industry bosses tried to trade record deals for ‘homosexual acts’

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American Rapper Dee-1 has claimed to have allegedly been offered a record deal in exchange for a “homosexual act”.

The I Don’t Wanna Let You Down rapper made the claim during a Wednesday (17 January) interview, in which he said senior figures in the music industry had allegedly asked him to engage in a sex act for career benefits.

“I’ve had gatekeepers in the music industry who have literally tried to hold a record deal behind their back and let me know like, ‘Look, if you are part of this homosexual act that I’m trying to take part in? Yeah, come on! This door’ll open really quick for you’,” Dee-1 said.

“This is real, dog. And the only way that type of stuff can work on you is if you let them have all the leverage to where you want what’s behind that gate that bad. So that’s a real thing.”

A man with dreadlocks and a bandana sings into a microphone and dances.
Dee-1 during a live stage show. (Getty)

The New Orleans rapper did not comment on which record label or producer he was referring to when making the claim.

Dee-1 signed with RCA Inspiration in 2013, going on to create the studio album Slingshot David: The Album and the EP 3’s Up in 2015.

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He eventually opted to work as an independent artist in 2019, producing albums like Gods and Girls, Finding Balance, UNO, and many more.

Several high-profile names have made similar claims about allegedly exchanging sex acts for record deals in the past.

In October 2023, singer Emaza Gibson sued record producer Jason Derulo for allegedly demanding sex in exchange for a record deal, which she says left her “traumatised”.

Derulo has denied the claims, calling them “completely false and hurtful”.

In November 2023, record producer Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs was sued in federal court by his ex-girlfriend, Casandra Ventura, who alleged that Combs raped, physically abused and sex trafficked her during their relationship, while she was signed to his record label.

Ventura, who performs under the name Cassie, alleged in court documents that the R&B singer was a “serial domestic abuser” who “often punched, beat, kicked and stomped on [her], resulting in bruises, burst lips, black eyes and bleeding”.

Combs has denied the allegations, calling them “offensive and outrageous”.

The lawsuit was settled in an agreement made just a day later, with Combs saying in a statement that they had decided to “resolve this matter amicably”.

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