What are butt plugs and why do people use them?

Butt plugs on a pink background.

What are butt plugs? Many have heard of them, but few know what they actually are or why people choose to use them, so we decided to answer all of your burning questions.

Sometimes called anal plugs, they are sex toys that can be used by anyone with an anus who wishes to explore the joys of prostate sexual pleasure. 

Of course, like all sex toys, they aren’t for everyone. In fact, US representative for Georgia and far-right conspiracy theorist Majorie Taylor Greene previously went on quite the outraged rant about them during a Republican Club Gala. 

What are butt plugs? 

Well, the clue is definitely in the name. In short: a plug that can be inserted into your bum for pleasure.

Unlike dildos, butt plugs do not move, and create a feeling of fullness inside the anus, as reported by Medical News Today. 

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They are usually tear-dropped shaped with a wider base that prevents them from getting lost inside the rectum. 

There is a huge variety of different plugs available, from glass to textured and vibrating. What works for everyone will differ.

This butt plug can be connected to the Lovense app for long-distance play. (Lovehoney)
This high-tech butt plug can be connected to the Lovense app and controlled by a partner for long-distance play. (Lovehoney)

What do they do?

There are numerous reason why people may choose to use a butt plug. 

The anus is full of sensitive nerve endings that feel wonderful when stimulated. The male G-spot is located in the anus, while for females stimulating the anus can lead to both A-spot (located along the front vaginal wall, around two inches deeper into the vaginal canal than the G-spot) and G-spot highs. 

Alongside prostate orgasms, butt plugs can also help people to prepare for anal sex. 

Using a varying size of butt plugs can help to stretch the size of the anus, which can be beneficial for those who would like to try anal sex. 

Interested in learning more? PinkNews previously found the best butt plugs on the market and explained how best to use them. You’re welcome.

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