BBC radio host has perfect on-air response to listener who told him to ‘stop being so camp’

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BBC radio host Graham Liver has a few choice words for listeners who don’t want to listen to him after reading out a complaint live on air.

The BBC Radio Lancashire presenter left listeners in stitches during his early morning show on Tuesday (23 January) after delivering a pitch perfect response to a disgruntled listener’s angry text live on air.

The text accused Liver of “getting boring” and blamed his producer, who the listener said “can’t think of anything fresh.”

After accusing Liver of merely speaking about his weekend, the disgruntled text finished by demanding that the broadcaster, who married his partner David in 2022, “stop being so camp.”

Liver had a hilariously simple response to the text, dismissing it with a flourish and saying: “Ooh… You b*tch!”

“I don’t know what you mean,” Liver added sarcastically as his co-host laughed in the background.

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Listeners were left cackling at the iconic moment, with TV critic and broadcaster Scott Bryan saying: “What a way to respond to an angry texter … frame this.”

“I am honestly on the floor,” another listener wrote in a post on X/Twitter.

Several others took the chance to correct the angry texter’s claim that Liver was wrong in his claim that Chorley’s Paul Bowen is the first Lancashire-based contestant on the business-based reality show The Apprentice.

The message towards Liver falsely claimed that a “man named Adam” had appeared on the show in the late 1990s, ignoring the fact that The Apprentice has only been airing in the UK since 2005.

The texter appears to be referencing 2012 contestant Adam Corbally, who responded to the commotion in a post on X/Twitter, saying that he is “from Derbyshire, not Lancashire.”

Aside from his iconically camp on-air antics and insightful trivia tidbits, Graham Liver appears to talk about much more than just his weekend.

During his show, Liver also spoke with 63-year-old The Traitors contestant Diane Carson following her exit from the show.

Liver also hosted a special programme during Storm Isha on Sunday (21 January), informing listeners of the latest updates and weather information.

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