Glen Powell drops steamy shirtless puppy selfie and gays are, obviously, thirsty

Glen Powell poses shirtless with his dog.

Anyone But You actor Glen Powell is making the girls and gays swoon and sweat in his latest Instagram post, featuring a shirtless selfie with his puppy.

The Hit Man star shared a series of photos on the social media app (8 July) from his time on set of his new tornado disaster film Twisters, which he stars in alongside Normal People’s Daisy Edgar-Jones.

While the array of snaps were adorable enough, considering they all featured his one-year-old terrier poodle Brisket, the last photo in the slideshow has truly caught the eyes of thirsty social media users everywhere.

The mirror selfie shows a very shirtless Powell wrapped loosely in a towel, holding Brisket in his arm like a little baby.

Of course, the internet has reacted with all the grace and decorum of a reversing dump truck without any tires on, as its dwellers thirst for dear life over the actor (and coo for little Brisket, too).

Glen Powell posts a shirtless photo on Instagram. He is holding his puppy Brisket.
Glen Powell is giving his fans everything they want. (Instagram/@GlenPowell)

“Printing and hanging the last pic on my wall… because the dog is took cute, you know,” joked one fan in the comment section.

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“Cutest pup ever! Such a fluff ball,” added a second fan, before dramatically changing course: “That last picture took me out. Was not prepared,” they wrote, alongside a horned emoji.

“I’m a firm believer that male celebs should s**t it up more, and he’s doing his part for the cause,” a third added, respectfully.

It’s not the first time that Powell has combined the power of his shirtless self and his adorable pooch for social media clout, either.

Back in August, just a few months after he and Brisket became family, Glen Powell shared a snap of the pair perched on a sofa, Brisket sleeping soundly on his chest.

Honestly? It’s A+ content.

Thirst trap aside, Powell was posting on Instagram to let his followers know that Brisket will actually make an appearance in Twisters, “and was quickly called ‘the Lassie of his generation’” following his performance.

“Rumours are swirling of him leading a Homeward Bound reboot that would crown him as ‘Hollywood’s King of the Animal Kingdom’,” Powell joked.

Last year, Powell made waves among the internet’s sea of gays after posing completely nude for his cover of Men’s Health magazine.

Twisters is out 19 July.

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