Wreck season two trailer promises even more blood and gayness

Jamie (Oscar Kennedy) and Vivian (Thaddea Graham) in Wreck season two. (BBC)

The trailer for season two of the BBC’s supremely queer, supremely bloody horror comedy Wreck has landed, and it looks set to be even more lethal the second time around.

Following Jamie (Oscar Kennedy) and Vivian’s (Thaddea Graham) narrow escape from Velorum’s Sacramentum ship and the murderous ducks aboard it in season one of Wreck, season two follows the queer duo and their pals as they seek to expose the corrupt company.

Season two starts several months after the end of season one as Jamie and Vivian struggle to have their shocking story heard and believed. 

After finding out that Verloum’s next venture is an “exclusive ‘wellness’ festival for millionaires” in rural Slovenia, the pair head there in a bid to out Velorum to the world – and to stop a second, deadly disaster from unfolding.

Jamie and Vivian are once again joined by some familiar faces, including trans Cher impersonator Rosie (Miya Ocego), hoity-toity Queen Bee Sophia (Alice Noakes), chief himbo Cormac (Peter Claffey) and loveable Lauren (Amber Grappy).

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While at the treacherous retreat, the group will also meet some new friends (whether or not they survive until the end of the season is another matter), including Heartstopper and Celebrity Big Brother star Bradley Riches, Ugly Betty legend Alan Dale, and EastEnders’ Shaheen Jafargholi.

Bradley Riches as Freddie in Wreck season two.
Celebrity Big Brother star Bradley Riches as Freddie in Wreck season two. (BBC)

Non-binary theatre star Sam Buttery will star as Jean, a villainous Velorum sidekick.

The brand new trailer for season two promises “three days of transcendental escapism”, mixed with a little bit of slaughter.

And though Wreck is primarily known as a slasher series, it seems the Ducks have found some new favoured murder methods.

Yet the gang will be fighting back even harder this time, as the short trailer shows them bashing, smashing, and shooting their way to survival.

Miya Ocego as trans Cher impersonator Rosie in Wreck season two.
Miya Ocego as trans Cher impersonator Rosie in Wreck season two. (BBC)

Plus, the trailer teases the return of Jamie’s supposedly dead sister Pippa (Jodie Tyack), a steamy reunion for Jamie and Olly (Anthony Rickman), and a new lover for Vivian. 

There’s even a drag queen with a taser. This is camp, queer chaos at its absolute best.

Speaking exclusively to PinkNews recently, Wreck creator Ryan J Brown teased that season two will be absolutely crammed full with murder, making it far more gruesome than the first.

“I think there was always a little bit of a back and forth struggle in series one,” he explained.

“A story should always lead and I think in horror, [that] probably does come second a lot of the time and it’s like, ‘Oh, when’s the next death?’

“Well actually, for TV, you need to have a really decent story in there. And so it was a little bit of a back and forth [with] me and the other creators to kind of have that balance.”

He continued: “I would have loved to have more death in series one. But ultimately, there was space there to focus on the characters. I’m building a family. So by the end of series one, yes, OK, I think we only killed six people, there was at least this unit that we could then take into series two and threaten and destroy.

“I think in series two we kill like 25 people in total.”

Wreck season two lands on BBC Three on Tuesday 26 March.

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