Labour MP questions Cass report’s decision to discount existing gender research

Labour MP Dawn Butler has questioned the decision by the Cass report to discount a large number of existing studies on gender-affirming healthcare.

The Cass report, which was published on 10 April, after a four-year wait, made upwards of 32 recommendations to restructure the way in which trans youth receive care. 

It claimed that although a “considerable amount of research” had been published around clinical decision-making for youth gender services, the evidence suggests that the work is of “poor quality” and unreliable.

During a House of Commons debate on Monday (15 March), Labour MP Butler questioned health secretary Victoria Atkins as to why “over 100 studies have not been in this Cass report”.

Butler also suggested the minister was not concerned about how the report has been used by some groups to perpetuate a more hostile environment for trans people in the UK.

The health secretary dismissed Butler’s concerns, saying that there are “certain campaigners who are trying to stir up a head of steam that this report is somehow flawed”. 

She added: “This is superb evidence and we are asking and the NHS have assured us they are going to be acting on it”.

Earlier this month Butler announced she was quitting X/Twitter due to “all of the haters and abuse” she receives. 

The Labour MP, who was the first elected Black female government minister in the House of Commons, took to the platform to confirm her decision to leave the platform due to abuse, which she said was particularly pronounced when she stands up for minority groups. 

Since her announcement, Butler has been active on X.