No, Adele’s heckler didn’t say ‘Pride sucks’ – here’s what they actually said

A video has surfaced of the moment an audience member at Adele’s Vegas residency supposedly shouted “Pride sucks” – and it appears not everything is as it seems.

Over the weekend, a video showing the British “Hello” singer rebuking an anti-Pride fan went viral on social media, with the star calling the audience member “f**king stupid”.

In the clip, someone in the audience is heard shouting that something “sucks”, before LGBTQ+ ally Adele swiftly jumps in and scolds him.

“Did you just say Pride sucks? Did you come to my show and just say that Pride sucks, are you f**king stupid,” the 35-year-old musician says, adding: “Don’t be so f**king ridiculous. You got nothing nice to say, shut up, alright.”

Adele has announced the rescheduled dates for her Las Vegas residency.
Adele. (Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for AD)

Adele’s other audience members then cheer and clap for the star, applauding her for taking a stand against homophobia.

The performance in question took place on the first day of Pride, leading many social media users to believe that the audience member had in fact shouted an anti-Pride message.

However, in another video that has surfaced online, the singer is heard talking about her work schedule moments before the alleged comment.

“Friday is basically the beginning of my week, because that’s when I work, basically,” she says, before the heckler shouts out what actually appears to be the words “Work sucks”.

Writing on X/Twitter, a fellow attendee at Adele’s show also rebuked that the audience member said “Pride sucks”.

“Hate to defend a man but the guy was somewhere behind me and he said ‘work sucks’ not ‘Pride sucks’,” the fan wrote.

“I’m pretty sure he said ‘work sucks’. The context of Adele’s conversation was about ‘working’,” wrote a second fan.

“In fairness, she was talking about working at weekends then he shouted. It does sound like and makes more sense that he shouted ‘work sucks,’” a third added.

Regardless of what the audience member said – though he will be thinking about the moment Adele slammed him for the rest of his life – some fans are just pleased to know that the singer will always have the queer community’s back.

“This is genuinely so so funny. But anyway, I love the fact that she went hard for the LGBTQ+ community,” shared one fan. 

Adele has spoken out in support of the LGBTQ+ community several times throughout her career, previously referring to queer people as her “soulmates”, and revealing that her 2011 song “Set Fire To The Rain” was actually intended to be a gay anthem.

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