Acid row lesbian jailed

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A woman has been jailed after throwing acid at her lesbian partner who she thought was having an affair.

Juliet Lawson, 36, from Enfield, threw a bottle of ammonia at her partner during a row last year, leaving her with burns.

The unnamed victim, 37, at first thought she had been scalded by boiling water in the argument and left the house to catch a bus, only to ask the driver to call an ambulance when the acid started to burn her face and back.

She was taken to hospital and later transferred to a specialist burns unit. Lawson was arrested that evening.

Detective Inspector Lyndon Mclean, of Enfield Police’ Community Safety Unit, said: “From the outset we could see this was going to be a sensitive case involving domestic violence.

“This was a very serious incident in which the victim suffered 15 per cent burns and we invested a lot of police time and skill. The victim is still receiving treatment and it is a very traumatic time for her.

“But we have a dedicated team of police officers who have been given specific training to deal with domestic violence, and which contributed to the success of this case at court.”

Lawson was jailed for three years by Wood Green Court.