Dutch MP condemns Islam’s homophobia

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A Dutch Muslim-born politician has condemned Islam’s attitudes towards homosexuality and claims that the Netherlands have not done enough to protect gay asylum seekers who face death in their country of origin.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, first gained international attention with a film documenting voilence against women within Islamic societies. Her new film claims that Islam is responsible for a great deal of homophobia.

“By that I do not mean that people of other religions do not persecute homosexuals … but coming from that background that is what I have witnessed and I think that it is my responsibility not to remain quiet,” said Ms Ali who has faced death threats since her 2004 film on the role of women.

She also stressed the Dutch government and other European governments had not done enough to protect those trying to flee such persecution.

Ms Hirsi Ali claimed that the Dutch government have not protected the human rights of gay asylum seekers. This claim follows the comments made by Dutch immigration minister Rita Verdonk who claimed that gays did not face persecution in Iran as long as they were discreet.

“My government has not taken this as seriously as I would have liked,” Ms Hirsi Ali told reporters after she opened an exhibition documenting the persecution of gay people during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands.