Lesbianism combats PMS, scientists claim

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Women suffer from Premenstrual Syndrome because of men and will find more compassion if in a lesbian relationship, according to a study.

Scientists have analysed the difference between straight relationships and lesbian relationships, and discovered that women are more compassionate compared to men who can be unsympathetic about symptoms.

Professor Jane Ussher, a psychologist from the University of Western Sydney, will present the research on Australian couples to the University of Leicester psychology conference today.

She told ABC News: “Women who get the symptoms are biologically no different to women who don’t.

“What actually causes the symptoms is a combination of factors, what’s happening in your body and what’s happening in the environment.

“Men certainly play a significant role in PMS and can play a very significant role in women’s depression and anger at that time of the cycle.”

She added, “A classic case of PMS is a woman who’s working full-time, looking after everyone at home, shopping after work, picking up the kids from school, finding very little space for herself.

“Women are able to keep up this superwoman performance three weeks a month, but, premenstrually, they are not able or willing to do it any more.

“They either withdraw and feel depressed or they can become very angry with the family.

I would say it isn’t biological, it’s to do with what’s happening in the family and the relationship.”

She supported her claims by comparing heterosexual and lesbian couples, “The way we are interpreting it is that other women are more understanding about premenstrual changes because they often get them themselves.

“So women are less judgmental of it, whereas male partners are much more likely to blame the woman.

“If you’re a premenstrual woman with a woman partner, your partner is more likely to say, ‘Put your feet up, go and have a bath, don’t worry about what you’ve got to do today’.”

Ms Ussher said men do not know how to react, “They feel confused, they feel whatever they say is wrong.

“A lot of them just don’t understand how it can be happening. Some feel quite helpless.”

PinkNews.co.uk writer, Nikki Sinclair, said: “Men have no understanding and the women are so busy empathising that it becomes all about them.”