HIV positive rapist is “lowest of the low” says gay rights campaigner

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Human rights campaigner, Peter Tatchell has branded an HIV positive Zimbabwean who pretended to be gay as “the lowest of the low” after he raped two teenage girls.

Gabriel Vengesai, 45, had already been found guilty of statutory rape after he had consensual, unprotected sex with a 14-year-old girl who bore him a child.

Vengesai who claimed he was gay in order to stay in Britain was on bail when he violently raped a 17-year-old girl inside his flat in Aldershot, Hampshire during October of last year.

The human rights campaigner, Peter Tatchell who leads the gay rights group OutRage! told “”People like Vengesai who make false claims about being gay are among the lowest of the low. Their dishonesty is encouraging asylum adjudicators to be less and less sympathetic towards genuine lesbian and gay refugees.”

Sentencing, Judge Tom Longbotham at Winshecter Crown Court told Vengesai: “You are HIV positive and at all relevant times you knew you were HIV positive. You had unprotected sex with the 14-year-old girl and as a result she became pregnant and gave birth to a child.

“You were so much older and, no doubt persuasive. It’s also clear from your behaviour towards these two girls there was some premeditation in taking them back to the flat.

“You didn’t take no for an answer. The girl made it perfectly clear she did not consent. You raped her violently. You held her hands, you restrained her and had intercourse with her without a condom. The attack was so violent she was injured.”

The judge told the court that a pre-sentence report found that Vengesai “thinks he is entitled to sex as a male, and women need sex.”

“I have seen two impact statements from the girl and one statement from her mother stating, in considerable detail, the effect this attack has had on her. It has had a terrible effect upon her. She had the fear, continuing to the point she gave evidence, as to whether you had infected her.”

“The risk to the public is clearly illustrated in these two cases. You twice demonstrated you have no concern for the safety of those you have sex with. You will remain a serious risk and a high risk of re-offending,” the judge added.

He concluded: “In my judgement, your continuing presence is detrimental to this country and this court recommends your deportation at the end of your sentence.”

The court heard that through luck alone, neither girl or the child have contracted HIV.

Commenting on the case, Mr Tatchell added: “The immigration and asylum service is in a complete mess. They give asylum to bogus claimants and refuse asylum to genuine ones. This is unfair and unjust.

“Asylum adjudicators and Home Office staff urgently need gay awareness and sensitivity training to enable them to separate genuine gay refugees from those who are making bogus claims.”